Since my app launched, I’ve very occasionally seen the error NEEDS_AUTHENTICATION_ERR come through in the logs. My app doesn’t use triggers, it uses regular resolver calls to query data from the API. I’ve always chopped this error up to a race condition when someone is running the app for the first time and the “Allow Access” click hasn’t had time to make it down to the server, but this past week I’ve seen this error come through 7 times, all for different instances of the app. It appears that most installs can just refresh or re-run the app and the error goes away, but I’m wondering if there’s a better or more proper way to handle this error, as it’s the only one I ever see come through the logs and it triggers a notification to myself. Does anyone have any ideas?

{ "message": "Authentication required", "name": "NEEDS_AUTHENTICATION_ERR", "stack": "" }

Hi Ben,

Would you mind opening a help request so we can gather some more information?


Submitted, thank you James!

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Hi there,

any update on this? We also see those kind of errors in our app logs and I wonder how this happens.

Thanks in advance!

Hi PPasler – turns out it was an Atlassian issue on Feb 15th, which they seem to have fixed so no code changes were necessary on my end.

Did they fix this recently? I’ve also had customers complaining about various errors related to permissions with no changes on my end.

I’ve got a ticket in progress with Atlassian that is going on weeks now.

Forge platform is severely unstable.

So, it was fixed on Feb 16th or so and I can confirm all was well, but today things went haywire and random API calls are being rejected for having invalid scopes, even though I have them set properly and have had them set properly for the past year with no issues. Working through this one with support as we speak.

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@BenPierce ditto, exactly the same situation over the past few weeks. Random scope permissions errors breaking apps with no change on our end.

@AdamMoore something is severely broken with Forge.

Did you end up getting this resolved? My support tickets related to Forge are going in circles. Seems like my only solution is to migrate to UI Kit 2 and the latest packages.

The errors went away for me, so they appear to have fixed something on Feb 16th. My app did blow up after that for other reasons related to random/weird access errors and for those I had to upgrade @forge/api and @forge/resolver to the latest versions, as I was a few versions behind and something broke those older versions.