New-and-improved URLs for vendor pages on Marketplace

Hey everybody,
Starting today, your vendor page in Atlassian Marketplace has a new, more SEO-friendly URL that includes your vendor name.

So instead of this:

Your URL is now:

There’s no need for you to do anything. We construct this URL automatically based on your vendor name, all lower case, with any spaces or non-alphanumeric characters converted to hyphens. The SEO gods have blessed this format as the most pleasing to search engines, due to the URL itself containing words (your name) that are relevant to the page content.

Note that we retain your unique vendor ID as part of the URL, which helps us properly route visitors. We automatically redirect requests to your old URL (with just the vendor ID) to the new format. And if you happen to change your vendor name in the future, we’ll automatically update your URL and make sure visitors are properly redirected to it.

Special shout-out to vendor community members Dave Elkan (AMKT-15982) and Lo Voelsen (AMKT-16214) who advocated for this change!

Dave Parrish
Product Manager, Atlassian Marketplace


Great work! Do you have any plans to update the URL for add-ons when they change their name?

We see a lot of add-ons, including one of our own, that have mismatching URLs because of a name change. It’s not great for SEO and probably not great for the marketplace search either (unless that changed recently)


Thank you for this update.

As I can see hyphens also were added before upper-case letters. For example StiltSoft turns out to be ‘stilt-soft’, but more correct option is ‘stiltsoft’. I think it’s better to change this kind of behavior.

Maxim Kuzmich

Hi Maarten,
We’ll always update the URL when the name changes. And we’ll redirect anything that starts with the vendor ID in it. So for example, if your URL is currently:

Then we will redirect all of the following to your URL:

BTW these are all 301 redirects, which tell search engines that the page has permanently moved to its new location.

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Thanks Maxim for pointing this out, and I agree - camel-cased names shouldn’t be hyphenated in the URL This was an oversight and we’ll get it fixed shortly:


Seems like a good redirect strategy, thanks!

But I was referring to Add-ons changing name. Not vendors. Would it be possible to change the URL of an add-on that had its name changed? Or would this open a box of complications with redirects and such?

Ahhh I see what you’re asking. So yes, we do plan to implement a similar URL strategy for add-on pages as well. To date we’ve been using the add-on key as URL:

In the future we plan to use a structure something like this:

Where 12345 is the unique ID for the add-on (typically hidden from the user, though those of you who were around in the days will remember these) and my-addon-name is constructed using the actual add-on name, according to the same rules as we use for the vendor name. We would follow the same redirect strategy.

Changing the plugins URLs has a much bigger potential impact on SEO, since the pages get a tremendous amount of traffic. For this reason we’ll be planning the change carefully to make sure we minimize any short-term negative impact to SEO due to URLs changing.


Great, thank you for sharing that with us. The SEO impact for add-ons will be much greater indeed, good to know that you’re planning this carefully!

Ultimately, this will be great for the whole ecosystem in terms of SEO. :+1:

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