New app listing designs to differentiate Supported and Unsupported Apps

We’ve heard feedback at Atlassian Connect Week regarding ways we can improve app listings to display support information. Combining your feedback with user behavior data we gathered through ClickTale heatmaps we came up with a new design for the support tab that we think will be more engaging for customers.

Current Design

Today, Supported and Unsupported app listings look very similar. On all app listings we provide two basic sections: a tagline (i.e. “Atlassian provides support for this app”) and self help resources (i.e. “Vendor support resources”). We add a third component if the app is supported, the contact section; that is the smallest element on the page.

Supported Apps

Unsupported Apps

New Design

Bolder emphasis on Support availability

In the current design, Supported apps are differentiated by the ‘Contact’ panel which only appears on Supported app listings.

We’ve found that customers often look for support hours, average response time and support policy information when considering your app for trial / purchase.

In order to provide more emphasis on the time and effort you spend to provide customer support, we are centralizing and highlighting this information on the page.

BONUS: We’re also adding a support description field (displayed with support availability) so that you can provide customers with more information about your support.

Additional features on the new Supported App listing design:

  • Re-adding the “Contact support” secondary call to action

  • “Browse Resources” look and feel updated to match browse resources. This section functions like “Vendor support resources” section does today where only the resources you’ve provided will display on the page. A reminder for the self help resources available for you today.

  • New automated resource provided for paid via Atlassian apps - “Atlassian Billing & Licensing FAQ”

Standard definition for Unsupported Apps

In the current design, Unsupported apps have the most variability. The tagline ranges from “Basic support resources are available for this app” to " Support is not available for this app" based upon whether or not links to a wiki or issue tracker were added to the manage app details page.

In reviewing the resources provided on unsupported app listings, we found that in many cases the self help resources provided were not well maintained.

So, in order to increase trust across the website with the quality and relevancy of information provided on app listings and create a standard definition for unsupported apps we’ve removed links provided by the vendor on Unsupported App Listings and provided resources that we know are available to customers looking for support.

As always, looking forward to your feedback.

Your Atlassian Ecosystem team


Thanks for the news Alex!

Are you planning on making any changes in the UPM app view?

@dmitry Eventually yes but we don’t have those designs ready yet. This first change will be online only.

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