New Google Analytics ID not supported?

Hi all,

For a new Marketplace App we’ve just launched (check it out, Content Property Editor for Dev&Admins!), we can’t get any old Google Analytics ID starting with “UA-…”, we only get a “G-…” ID.

Screenshot 2021-05-26 at 10.10.39

Any idea how to get Google Analytics working for this?


Looks like there is two kinds of formats now for Google Analytics according to this Tracking ID and property number - Analytics Help

Would you be willing to open a AMKTHELP ticket to report this? I assume they need to update the validation check on this field.

Also congrats on the new app launch!


I did just that, thanks Ralph!

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@LukasGotter Did you receive any feedback regarding your issue?
I just wanted to add my new GA4 code and still have the same error.

Hi @JohannaBoth - yes I got an answer on this, but honestly then never tried it.

Here’s the answer:

The code you’re using is a Measurement ID, and the Google Analytics format used by us is the Tracking ID.
Apparently, the tracking ID is automatically included in the JavaScript snippet for websites.

I hope this helps. Let us know if it works for you!
Grts, Lukas

Thanks Lucas!
As Google introduced the GA4 there is no alternative to use as a tracking code. So in my opinion the problem is still on their side, however not sure if they are following this ticket or it is already closed, and should I start a new one to have an answer and a possible solution from their side.

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I checked today, marketplace still does not support GA4.

Google have announced that Universal Analytics will stop processing data on 1 July 2023, and access to data in UA properties will be removed six months after that.

They are recommending everyone upgrade to GA4, and have a setup assistant wizard to help with this.

This means that all Marketplace listings that have a UA-XXXXX-Y-style Google Analytics ID will stop receiving analytics data next year; and there is still (to the best of my knowledge) no way to supply a GA4 (G-XXXXXX) ID in the vendor portal.


I just figure out, that I spend whole day learning what is google analytics and how to use, and now I’m not able to use it ?!?!

Ok, it’s possible, just old type of GA needs to be created, then UA-XXXX… type code is generated.

Yes, you can use the universal code starting with UA-XXX. It works perfectly.

Hopefully there will be an update to be able to use the new GA4 account soon, as Google will finish supporting UA next year.

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Hey @rwhitbeck, what the status on enabling Google Analytics - GA4 for marketplace apps?

You know that Google Universal Analytics is near its end of life, as explained here “Universal Analytics will be going away”:

What’s the plan, when will Atlassian support Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?


There is a upcoming Marketplace Roadmap webinar coming up soon (2 sessions). This might be a great place to ask the team directly their plans on GA4.


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Thanks, I will do that :wink:

Hi @rwhitbeck
This webinar doesn’t seem to be announced in the Partner Portal (like the Channel Skim) and I haven’t received any email like I would from Renee in the past. What is the communication plan for this event?

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Renee says there is a skim with this info going out later today.


Hi, I see that the above webinars have already occurred. Is there an update on whether GA4 will be supported?

Hi there @IkeBennio,n, welcome to the developer community!

Yes GA4 will be supported soon. According to the webinar, GA4 support will be rolled out before the end of this year.

I can’t find the recording from the webinar, but I assume @rwhitbeck can point you in the right direction if you need it :wink:

Björn Brynjar

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Recording can be found on the Partner Portal here → Log in with Atlassian account

Thank you @bjornbrynjar and @rwhitbeck! I will take a look and anticipate the shift to GA4! Thanks again!