New Google Analytics ID not supported?

Hi all,

For a new Marketplace App we’ve just launched (check it out, Content Property Editor for Dev&Admins!), we can’t get any old Google Analytics ID starting with “UA-…”, we only get a “G-…” ID.

Screenshot 2021-05-26 at 10.10.39

Any idea how to get Google Analytics working for this?


Looks like there is two kinds of formats now for Google Analytics according to this Tracking ID and property number - Analytics Help

Would you be willing to open a AMKTHELP ticket to report this? I assume they need to update the validation check on this field.

Also congrats on the new app launch!


I did just that, thanks Ralph!

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@LukasGotter Did you receive any feedback regarding your issue?
I just wanted to add my new GA4 code and still have the same error.

Hi @JohannaBoth - yes I got an answer on this, but honestly then never tried it.

Here’s the answer:

The code you’re using is a Measurement ID, and the Google Analytics format used by us is the Tracking ID.
Apparently, the tracking ID is automatically included in the JavaScript snippet for websites.

I hope this helps. Let us know if it works for you!
Grts, Lukas

Thanks Lucas!
As Google introduced the GA4 there is no alternative to use as a tracking code. So in my opinion the problem is still on their side, however not sure if they are following this ticket or it is already closed, and should I start a new one to have an answer and a possible solution from their side.

I checked today, marketplace still does not support GA4.

Google have announced that Universal Analytics will stop processing data on 1 July 2023, and access to data in UA properties will be removed six months after that.

They are recommending everyone upgrade to GA4, and have a setup assistant wizard to help with this.

This means that all Marketplace listings that have a UA-XXXXX-Y-style Google Analytics ID will stop receiving analytics data next year; and there is still (to the best of my knowledge) no way to supply a GA4 (G-XXXXXX) ID in the vendor portal.