New version of SDK coming?

AMPS 8.3.x has been available since September 2021. It requires Maven 3.6.3 or later.

The most recent SDK version is 8.2.7, released in April 2021, and comes bundled with Maven 3.5.4.

This means that anyone wishing to use the latest AMPS release must separately install a newer Maven version. However the SDK documentation recommends using the bundled Maven version.

Are there any plans to release a new SDK version that supports AMPS 8.3.x out of the box any time soon? There have been no SDK releases in over a year.


Hi @scottohara,

I’ve just posted an update with the link to request for the engineering team here: AMPS 8.3.1 build failure - #9 by ccurti



Is there any update on the new SDK? Your message is from May 13th. It’s now June 23rd. Can we have an ETA please?

:wave: @d42_rom the best way to check for an update is to post directly on the ticket ATLASSDK-227 which has been raised with the engineering team.

@ccurti Thanks! But, I’m unable to post any comments under the issue itself… Please advise.

@d42_rom you should be able to post a message there if you log in to that site.
I’m able to post a comment with my personal account.

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