No AtlasCamp this year?

While no surprise - Atlassian has announced that AtlasCamp this year: has been cancelled.

What is is surprising to me though is that even though that vendors have been asking about this for a while - this was decided at least pre-COVID?!?!

We’re going back to the US?!? Can we get the time or location please so that we can start planning our budgets and bookings? (Expecting for this to be ignored just like 2020 AtlasCamp? was ).


In addition, can you also elaborate on how you are planning to inject the savings of not organising AtlasCamp into the Ecosystem?


I’m disappointed that this was apparently decided long ago, and yet the many requests for details have been ignored. I will also miss AtlasCamp in Europe.


Hi there!

Thanks for your comments and feedback. I’d like to address a couple of questions:

  • I mentioned that we made the decision to forego Atlas Camp 2020 prior to the COVID-19 crisis – what I meant is that COVID-19 was not the reason as to why we’re skipping this year’s event. We are skipping it to regroup on overall strategy and content. I’ll admit, though, that we should have communicated this news sooner and we’ll now focus on speeding things up re: events comms.

  • As for timing and location: we are going to host Atlas Camp in the U.S., and the timing is unclear at this moment. We will ensure to keep you all updated as we have more information.

Our developers are a pertinent part of our events experience, and we want to ensure you have the best experience. Thank you all for your comments and questions – we’re here for you.