OAuth 2.0 (3LO) public distribution - How to get approval to make private app public?

In testing my OAuth2 implementation for my android app, it is working as expected with my private app, when using the user who created the app. When I test this with a user who did not create the app, I am seeing a failure.

I suspect the failure is related to the jira app being private and not public. Can someone offer a brief explanation of the process to get this released as a public app?

Here is a brief overview of what I’ve done thus far.

  1. Created Application
  2. Provided Callback URL (verified that portion is working)
  3. Provided required information to distribute the application (vendor name, privacy policy url, if app stores personal data)
  4. Created ticket at ecosystem.atlassian.net with a request type of “Distribute apps using Cloud APIs”

At this point I’ve been waiting about a week (created last sunday), to see movement on this ticket. Such as an acknowledgement that it was created and will be reviewed when time permits, but I’ve seen nothing. This makes me question if I followed the proper steps.

If I need to be more patient that is fine. For those that have went through this process how long does it typically take?

I am really hoping to push this over the hump, as I do not want to be limited to using basic auth and would like the OAuth2 feature before I release my android app. I appreciate any information that can be provided on this process.

I think 3LO goes in the regular queue.

I’m not Atlassian and don’t have anything anything to go by (expect from past experience) but it’s summit time so there’s going to be a wait. But they do follow first-in-first-out.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize/think about summit time. Good info!