OAuth 2.0 authorization code grants (3LO) support for Jira Software Cloud REST API


From the documentation, it looks like OAuth 2.0 authorization code grants are only supported by the Cloud REST APIs for Jira Platform and Service Desk, but not by the Jira Software REST API.

Is that correct, or am I missing something?
Are there any plans to add support for OAuth 2.0 authorization code grants to Jira Software Cloud REST API in the future, or is this superseded by the JWT Bearer token authorization grant?

Thanks for your help!


Over a year has passed and still the Jira Software APIs aren’t supported via OAuth2 – any update on this capability?


What about this?

Jira Software Cloud provides OAuth 2.0 credentials that you can use to integrate Jira Software Cloud with on-premises (self-hosted) tools. Currently, you can integrate with build and deployment tools, such as Jenkins, and it also supports development information from tools like repository managers.

This page provides instructions on implementing OAuth 2.0 authorization and calling the builds API, deployments API and development information API.

We’re continuing to add support for OAuth 2.0 authorization across our Cloud REST APIs, including for Jira Software. As proof :wink: , last week we shipped OAuth 2.0 support for the “Get options for field” endpoint, and the JSW endpoints Dario shared above support 2.0 too - so progress is being made!

However, some endpoints are yet to receive this treatment and require an alternate authentication mechanism for the time being, either Connect/JWT or Basic Auth. Work to resolve this is in progress, but not yet complete. Unfortunately I can’t provide any firmer dates at this time, but will let you know as soon as we have a planned date for full coverage.

It’s certainly not superseded by JWT :slight_smile:


Maybe it is also worth mentioning the below feature request that can be voted for, and followed for updates:

Hi Atlassian,

It would be great to have OAuth 2.0 for Jira Software Cloud onboard so that we can fetch boards/sprints etc from Jira Cloud in our integration.

Can you share any roadmap for 2020?



We are looking for more info. about the roadmap on OAut 2.0

Thank you.