OAuth 2 (3LO) testing my app with more accounts before going live

As far as I can see, only I as the developer of the app can use OAuth2 to log in to my app as it is still in beta stage.
I am not ready to publish my app is I want to see if it is a viable product before investing time and money creating privacy policies and t&cs.
Is there any way to be able to test the app with other accounts before publishing?

Hi @JoshuaMiller,

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Couple of things that can help you take this forward:

  • You are right. Since 3LO is still in beta, to be able to test your app with multiple users, you still need to raise a ticket to enable public distribution of your app. Here is where you can raise the ticket.
  • At this time, 3LO-based integrations are not being accepted into the Atlassian Marketplace. If your app has been accepted into the beta, you can distribute/syndicate your integration by sharing your authorisation URL with your user base, or within your own documentation.


Hi @aagrawal2,

I have few doubts regarding making an OAUTH 3LO app making public.My use case is some what similar to Joshua.
Following are my questions,

  1. What are the basic prerequisites before making an OAUTH app public?
  2. Does we need a paid Atlassian account to do that?
  3. How many days does this process takes?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Vishnu Ranjan N.

Hi @vishnuranjan,

  1. There isn’t any strict prerequisite. We hope that you have an idea of what your 3LO app will do and you mention that in description while creating the ticket.
  2. I normal Atlassian account which you use to login in developer.atlassian.com will do.
  3. We enable it within a week.


Hi @aagrawal2,

Thanks for the quick response and sorry to bother you again. I just have 2 more questions

  1. We will be storing access and refresh tokens, atlassian site id, project id and issue type id to create issue on user’s behalf when the website he is monitoring in our product goes down after user’s consent.

Does this come under storing Personal Data?

I have referred the document https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/user-privacy-developer-guide/ mentioned in OAUTH app page. It mentioned only about user personal details like account-id. No references of above fields. Hence I want to make sure. Attaching the screenshot for reference.

Please correct me If I am wrong

  1. After making the OAUTH app public, can we change the configurations like redirect_url, name etc.

Thanks in advance.

Vishnu Ranjan N.

hi @vishnuranjan,

  1. Yes, you got it right. :+1: Only user details are considered personal data.
  2. Yes, you can change them :slightly_smiling_face: