OAuth 2 (3LO) testing my app with more accounts before going live

As far as I can see, only I as the developer of the app can use OAuth2 to log in to my app as it is still in beta stage.
I am not ready to publish my app is I want to see if it is a viable product before investing time and money creating privacy policies and t&cs.
Is there any way to be able to test the app with other accounts before publishing?

Hi @JoshuaMiller,

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Couple of things that can help you take this forward:

  • You are right. Since 3LO is still in beta, to be able to test your app with multiple users, you still need to raise a ticket to enable public distribution of your app. Here is where you can raise the ticket.
  • At this time, 3LO-based integrations are not being accepted into the Atlassian Marketplace. If your app has been accepted into the beta, you can distribute/syndicate your integration by sharing your authorisation URL with your user base, or within your own documentation.