One survey to rule them all - coming soon to your inbox

Hello developers,

We know what you’re thinking… ANOTHER survey? Yes, another one, but this time, we have combined many surveys that used to be sent separately into ONE survey.

The aim of this survey is to understand your overall satisfaction with Atlassian, whether you’re a Solution Partner, a Marketplace Partner, or a developer who is neither. You will only see questions that are relevant to you.

If you have ever logged into The Atlassian Developer Community AND you are opted in to receive product surveys ( > Product Surveys ), this survey will land in your inbox on November 15, with a reminder to be sent on November 30.

We hope you’ll take the time (about 10 minutes) to give us your honest feedback, as many teams within Atlassian will be using the data to improve their programs. We read every response, and we will share back some of the relevant data from this survey here in the developer community.


Caitlin from the Research & Insights team


If anyone is looking for the product surveys setting it is under > Email preferences (small navigation bar at the top of the screen) > Product Surveys (or directly under


Thank you, Tobias :grin:

Tell us about your experience with our programs and tools via our Partner + Developer Experience survey, now open until December 10th!

Check your inbox for an email from The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. You will only receive questions that are relevant to you. We appreciate your feedback in helping to shape the resources + tools available for our developer community.

Can we complete the survey even if we hadn’t opted into Product Survey on November 15th?


@edave We’ve tied meta data to survey links to support survey analysis. If you do not wish to opt into product surveys, and would still like to take the partner experience survey, you can reach out to your TPM or otherwise Marketplace Support desk and we can issue you a unique survey link.

Let me know otherwise if you didn’t receive a direct email with a unique survey link.

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