The bi-annual Atlassian Experience Survey is back!

Our bi-annual experience survey is back. It’s critical that we understand your overall experience with Atlassian. This combined survey covers different areas in which you may engage with Atlassian. We continue to improve this survey so you only see questions that are relevant to you. We want to hear from you, whether you are just getting started as a developer on the Atlassian platform, have been a partner in our community for years, or are somewhere in between.

We understand the many interactions that you as a partner or developer have with Atlassian. This new bi-annual partner survey allows us to view your experiences with Atlassian more holistically. We can better understand what it means to be a Marketplace Partner who also offers Solution Partner consulting or a developer engaging with Forge while also managing the business challenges of a Marketplace Partner. We’re testing new ways of working to help support this thinking.

Our focus remains to unlock the potential of our customers in Cloud and support our developers and partners alike with a partnership they can trust - with stability in our platform, reliability in support, and resources to drive the growth and demand of your apps and business on the Marketplace.

What about the last survey?

We had 509 partners and developers participate, which is a great response. There was a wealth of information in those responses and while I can’t go into every detail, here are some key themes and actions coming from those insights:

Support : We hear about how important support is, but it’s not consistent. Sometimes great, sometimes disappointing. We continue to make incremental improvements to support metrics for AMKT and documentation. After all, if you can’t get the help you need to figure out how to build it , of course, you won’t.

Communication: A closer partnership with transparency, and insight. We’re committed to increasing transparency in the Forge platform via quarterly webinar series, additional insights to support the decisions we inform (including via the research team), and for partners’ overall experience through content & communications via the Partner Portal.

We hope you’ll take 10 minutes to give us your honest feedback, as many teams within Atlassian will be using the data to improve their programs.

The ecosystem research team and I read every response and ensure appropriate feedback is given to the teams. Where possible, we will share back some of the relevant data from this survey here in the developer community.

If you have ever logged into The Atlassian Developer Community AND you are opted in to receive product surveys ( > scroll down to Product Surveys), this survey will land in your inbox on May 2nd , with a reminder to be sent on May 9th.


Caitlin from the Research & Insights team

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