ORG API - Get Users

I am looking at the ORG API get users API (

I cannot find anything on the very lowest permission I would need to set to be able to access the user list at this level. Any ideas please?

Hello @AlexSeymour

In the Authentication section of the documentation, you’ll see it says.

To make requests to the API with the client/tool of your choice, create an API key and get the organization ID.

Which leads to the Manage an organisation with the admin APIs page that provides all the answers to your questions.


Thanks so much for the response. This does take me through creating the key - but not the associated permissions needed. Can you set it to read only? To just get user data and nothing else? I am trying to get an understanding of the lowest level of permissions we need to get the data .

No. Any person who has one of those Organisation Administrator level key+tokens has the ability to access all those associated API endpoints. There are no ‘levels’ of access, it is purely an on / off access control by virtue of having the key+token.

People who are Organisation Admins have the skills and knowledge to know how to use such power responsibly and cautiously. They would know that if they wanted to only read data, they would only access the GET endpoints.

I think this should be sufficient detail for your company’s Organisation Administrators to be able to determine if they should proceed further.

Have fun.