Paid Forge apps

I’m trying to submit a paid forge app, but “payment model” is set to free and disabled. Do I need to make it first public to change it? Or will I able to change it once it is approved? According to announcement posts, paid forge apps are supported.
Note that I haven’t get approval for this app yet or haven’t publish it production environment. I have created the app in development console and deployed it to development environment. I have a server app and I have created a new version for this app and selected “Forge App” on the first screen just to prepare marketplace listing for cloud version. Before sending it to approval I want to finalize listing and set “payment model” to “Paid”.


Also after clicking on “Make Public” link to submit the app. It still not allowing me to choose “Paid”.


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@mventnor can you handle this one :wink: ?

Hi @denizoguz ,

Normally moving an app from Free to Paid requires a new approval, but I’m not sure if that’s the culprit here.
Please file an issue with Marketplace Support, and they should be able to sort it out.


I have created . Since this is the first Cloud version of an already existing app (Paid), it is normal that approval is required. But when sending it to approval (by pressing “Make Public” button and entering more information) I want to be sure payment model is correct (paid). So I will not need an additional approval for updating payment model.

Hi @denizoguz ,

Can you please confirm that you’ve followed the instructions on to enable licensing for your app in the app manifest?

Also I’m pretty sure that you will need to have deployed your app to the production environment at least once with these manifest changes enabled in order for the Marketplace listing process to work - can you please confirm that a version of your paid Forge app is deployed to the Forge production environment?


Hi Joe,
Thanks for investigating it. Yes I have, support also asked and I have checked. It is set on 25 of April. I have also deployed it several times, even after this problem. I have requested support to delete private version so that I can resubmit. They have deleted it and now I can’t create a new version. When I click on “Forge” on “new version scree”, the marketplace says “You don’t have any shared Forge app” (first screenshot), but it is (second screenshot). I didn’t have this problem when I first submit the cloud version, which is now deleted on my request.

I have an identical issue. Have you managed to solve it by chance?

Hi @rezgar
It is solved bu Atlassian after opening a support ticket.

Thanks @denizoguz . The Support team did help. The recommendation was to create a new release version, which indeed solved the problem.