Forge apps can be submitted for Marketplace listing - Early Access Program (EAP)

Hi all,

We’re kicking off the Early Access Program for listing your Forge apps on Marketplace! While there are some limitations, the EAP does include both free and paid listings.

I’m really just cross-sharing the Marketplace team’s post though, so check that one out for details:

You can also find the details in our public documentation here:




Hi @JoelKalmanowicz Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

That probably means you do not have access to Marketplace Partner topics on CDAC. If you’re a Marketplace Partner you can apply here:

However, most information that is in that post is publicly available here:



How to access the license status from a Custom UI module? I enabled licensing in manifest.yaml by adding “licensing: enabled: true” as the documentation states. The installation url then disappeared from developer console. So something obviously happened after the deployment :smiley:

My expectation was that I now receive license information in a resolver function like so to limit the functionality when the license is invalid.

resolver.define('getLicense', async (req) => {
    console.log(req.context); // just contains jira issue information... 
    return {license: req.context.license}; // does not work ... undefined... 

How to access the license status from a Custom UI module?

Hi Julian, in summary you’re doing the right thing, but there was a bug on our side; there’s a fix in the latest version of @forge/resolver which you can upgrade to by running npm install @forge/resolver@latest at the root of your app and re-deploying. I’ve put some more details in reply to your post in the EAP section.

Thanks for jumping on this so fast and keep us posted in that thread on how it goes! :slight_smile:

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