Please allow app uninstall for cancelled subscriptions

Hi Atlassian,

Please, please let customers uninstall apps if they don’t want to use them anymore.

We got feedback like this:

“whywhywhy!? let me just uninstall it”

And as a vendor we can’t do anything about this.



I don’t understand the problem. I can uninstall Connect & Forge apps all day long. Is there some additional context?

some customers can’t uninstall apps. We get that once in a while as feedback.

This seems to have to do with the billing cycle, however I’m not sure what the cause is. Will try to get further information.

Hi @ibuchanan ,

This KB entry describes the problem: Can't uninstall apps after cancellation | Jira | Atlassian Documentation

Basically our customers think we prevent uninstall, but it is an Atlassian policy. There are multiple threads in the Atlassian Community where customers complain.

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Atlassian please fix this. We also receive negative reviews from customers frustrated or confused by the UX that they can’t uninstall an app, and as @marc stated they assume the vendor is blocking this.

Here is an example from a few weeks ago. Frustrating as a vendor for our app rating to be downgraded by this.

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@marc & @Chris_at_DigitalRose,

Today I learned. Could one of you raise a bug with developer support? In the bug reporting form, there’s an option to select “Marketplace” in the “Ecosystem Products” field. App trials, licensing, and this uninstall problem should be logged with Marketplace.

Confused why a vendor would need to report this as Atlassian is already aware of this, as they’ve responded to several community posts and documentation reinforcing that this is the “intentional” design…

Since Team is around the corner I’ve really no time to elaborate, but +1 from us. Dumb change that is causing us at ~1 support ticket a week for no reason. Change it back, thx

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