POSTMORTEM: Marketplace outage on November 20, 2019 - 17:00 UTC

On November 20th around 17:00 UTC, we experienced a 1 hour 40 minute outage of the Marketplace. Incident Report

Marketplace services affected:
App listing management, App listings, App pricing, App submissions, Category landing pages, Evaluations and purchases, In-product Marketplace and app installation (Cloud), In-product Marketplace and app installation (Server), Notifications, Private listings, Reporting APIs and dashboards, Search, Vendor management

Cause of incident:
The outage was due to a database cluster failure

Steps Atlassian is taking going forward:

  • Over the next few weeks we are improving our database alerting processes to reduce the likelihood and speed the recovery of such failures
  • Over the next few quarters we are going further harden our database infrastructure to ensure higher uptime and reliability


Warren Chen
Head of Marketplace Programs


Is it possible to have these posted in the marketplace vendor only forums where we can ask questions? (Or maybe both?)

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@danielwester I will repost in vendor partner only category as well.

Thank you for the write up Warren.

Nick Muldoon, Easy Agile

Thank you for sharing this Warren.