Pre-release version significantly impacts ability to position items in page menu

Current release versions allow items to be placed into any of the sections of the page menu:

But current pre-release versions seem to only allow items to be placed into the last section of the page menu:

Is this intentional? Documented?


This looks like it may be related to: New content menu layout breaks add-on menu links


Yes, not just the placement - the links also don’t work. The Slack Notifcations menu item doesn’t work either.


Hi community. This issue should have been fixed. Please confirm. Thank you for your prompt feedback, @TimPesce !

This is a pre-release to the Ecosystem Beta testing sites and is scheduled to be rolled out to customers starting next Monday.

An announcement on this change will be coming soon to the community.

Elaine Hankins
PM for everything Confluence Cloud Ecosystem


Is there any hope of getting announcements of these things before (or at least when) they hit the EAP so we can be proactive instead of reactive when trying them out with our apps?


Thank you for the quick response @ElaineH!

We are looking forward to the announcement of this change.

@TimPesce and all, I just made the announcement here: Upcoming UI update to the page overflow menu in Confluence Cloud

@ElaineH An unannounced change that doesn’t work lands on a weekend in the Australian timezone means it doesn’t get resolved until Tuesday my local time. No customers were impacted, which is good, but it wastes our time if we don’t know ahead of a change.

Point taken, @james.dellow. We’ll improve on our timing. Thank you.