Problem with context parameters used in URL in app descriptor value always being empty in some Jira instances


We have an app for Jira Cloud where in its descriptor we set a menu entry in location “operations-top-level” with the following URL:


We’ve realized that in some Jira Cloud instances where our app is installed that URL is being used with “” and “” empty.
This only happens in some instances and in the new Jira Cloud Issue view, using the old view it works fine.

Some of our customers are now unable to access certain functionalities of our app.

Is there a change being made to Jira Cloud where the descriptor needs to be changed? Or is this a bug?



Hi Sergio,

I’m getting exactly the same issue and it’s only happening in some Jira Cloud instances.
Is there some kind of Jira settings or option that “disables” the context parameters? Did you figure out what was the issue?

I have:

“modules”: {
“dialogs”: [
“url”: “myendpoint?issueKey={issue.key}”,
“options”: {
“chrome”: false,
“height”: “360px”,
“width”: “600px”,
“header”: {
“value”: “my message”
“key”: “my-dialog-key”

What intrigues me is that it works like a charm in some jira cloud instances, but others receive issue.key empty.


It seems that it’s really a Jira Cloud bug, they’ve opened it here:

Ugh, I had that feeling. Btw, too bad it’s still in “Triage” after almost 30 days

It is fixed, please see Faulty behavior of web items - seems like a regression in Jira
Apparently it is the same issue.

Indeed it has been already fixed in all my jira instances. Thanks!

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