Problem with publishing the app to the marketplace


We would like to publish an app in JIRA marketplace. We have an issue we do not know how to resolve.

  • the JIRA marketplace app is to connect the Customer’s JIRA instance and our application named Yva (Yva application)
  • our Yva application is hosted at 2 servers depending on the Customer’s country. So it is 2 separate Yva app links for the app in JIRA marketplace
  • is it possible to enable the app in JIRA marketplace to redirect the Customer to the according Yva app link depending on the server the Customer came from to JIRA marketplace?

Could someone help on this?

Thanks and Regards,

@EkaterinaShutova welcome to the Atlassian developer community and thank you for considering the Marketplace.

At this time, it is not possible for Marketplace to act on any state outside of Atlassian. Hence, there is no way that a Marketplace install or app could know which Yva server sent the request. I work with a number of SaaS vendors and we usually have to build in some App configuration to point to the right server. For example, you might ask your customer for their “organization name” or whatever identifies them in Yva.

I think it would be pure coincidence if our data residency matched Yva but there are some new Connect data residency features that might help.

Can you describe in more detail how exactly I can make such an application configuration? How can I find out which client is connecting our app in jira? @ibuchanan


For Atlassian Connect, you can learn more in this blog post:

But having a configuration page means you still have to ask your customer to provide configuration information.


@ibuchanan Thank you very much for the link)
Do I understand the mechanism correctly? Upload to the Marketplace a link to the app descriptor, in which you specify the postInstallPage parameter, on the page better-know-a-feature.html (for example) you can request data from a client. Then, inside the application, based on the client data, redirect the user to the appropriate api methods.


Yes, I confirm your understanding. The main caveat is this means the App itself is not “bound” to one or the other hosting location. If that is a problem for your case, then I don’t know how we can solve it. You would effectively need 2 Marketplace listings, 1 for each country. To my knowledge, that’s never been tried and I don’t know how our Marketplace team would react to that.