[Recording now available] Q3 2023 Forge Roadmap webinar

Join us on September 13th, 10 am Central European Time, for a live broadcast of the quarterly Forge Roadmap webinar.

We have a number of topics lined up, including:

  • The current state of Forge
  • Improvements to the Forge runtime
  • Allowing unlicensed users to access Forge apps on the JSM portal
  • Jira extensibility updates
  • Complex queries and custom entities


Please bring you questions for the live Q&A at the end of the presentation, or you can pre-submit questions to this thread.

If you can’t join live, no worries - the session will be recorded.
See you there!


Thank you for hosting this webinar, @HelenRincon. I have a question for the Q&A:

What are Atlassian’s plans for Confluence features on the Forge platform? There has been very little progress in the past nine months.


My questions:

  1. What is the status of UI Kit v2 ? It seems it has not moved since release as EAP last November, apart from the new Inline and Stack components.

  2. The Primitives have appeared on Atlassian Design Components documentation website, but without any announcement (or I miss it). They seem to be related to UI Kit v2, but it is not officially stated in the documentation. Is it recommended to use them in our Custom UI, so transforming them into UI Kit v2 later will be easier?

  3. Forge and Data residency: where are we?

  4. Like @klaussner, what about Confluence ? Without proper macro support in Forge, most Apps are not possible.



@klaussner @SilvreLestang Just noting we’ve added your questions to the list - thanks for presubmitting :+1:

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Thank you for answering my question in the Q&A, @AdamMoore. I have one follow-up question about Confluence:

Can you share any updates on content properties in CQL (FRGE-208)? This is the most limiting Forge issue for us at the moment and a lot of other vendors seem to be interested in this as well. A rough estimate of when the feature will be available would be very helpful.

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When will the webinar recording be available?

Hey @FranzBinder and anyone who may have missed the live broadcast, the recording for the Q3 Forge Roadmap webinar is up.