Regarding starter License

Hi @kmorales
I have filled the form like given in the post but didn’t get any response yet.
below is the request id. please look into it.

Purchasing and Licensing Request: Quote request


I fill this form month ago but didn’t get response please look into it.
self-hosted order form

@VeerendraSinghRajput when did you fill out a ticket? It took me about a week to get a starter license.

I also had to re-explain what I needed since the person handling my ticket didn’t know about starter licenses… :sweat_smile:


Atlassians who spend time here are the same ones who work the self-hosted order forms. That makes it really difficult to find your ticket unless you can supply a ticket number. Do you have that? Our system would have emailed you when you filled out the form with that information.

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CA-1445119 Purchasing and Licensing Request: Quote request

Same here but in my case its about a month now and no one contact me.

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Yeah, a month is longer than I would expect to get a response. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@ibuchanan +++++ :beers:

Hey @ibuchanan any progress on this ticket.
please look into it.

Hi @VeerendraSinghRajput - My name is Lourdes and I am a manager for the Customer Advocate Team here at Atlassian. I have reviewed your request (PSD-20085) and I sincerely apologize for the delay here. We can do better. Please expect an update shortly. I will circle back once an update has been provided to ensure that your request has been taken care of.

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Hi - just circling back that your Data Center Developer Licenses have been processed and you can grab these licenses via your MAC account. As a friendly reminder, server licenses are not being issued anymore: Marketplace Partner DC Developer Licenses

Please let us know if we can offer further assistance. Cheers!

I want the starter license.

Hello @Lourdes, @ibuchanan,

Stepping in as @VeerendraSinghRajput is a teammate working with me in Confluence DC app development.

In reference to @kmorales’ post How to obtain server starter licenses after February 2, 2021, my teammate was looking to get a quote for a starter license so he could apply it to his local development environment. As the referred post says, it’s for “development purposes only”.

The way mentioned in the post is also referred here: Countdown to server and Data Center offering changes

I asked him to post here when the agent on his case did not reply for a long time. Now, quite possibly, given those posts are more than 6 months old, they way to get these licenses seems to have changed, but it is in no way clear.

The licenses given to him (Developer Term License?) yesterday were successfully applied to an instance being launched with altas-run, but from my previous experience, I could never apply a DC trial license on any altas-run'ed instance.

I’d like to add, I am still unsure of a straight forward way to tell any new member who joins my team to request a license for app development. It would be helpful if you could post the steps for it or link any resource here.

All said, I do thank you for your help in resolving this, but I also feel there is a lack of documentation/direction in this regards, owning which there would have had been no need of creating a topic here.