Request for Clarification on Get Search Keywords (By App) API Response

Dear Atlassian Community,

I am writing to request some clarification regarding the data returned by the Get Search Keywords (By App) REST API.

In the JSON response, there is a field named keywordCount and an array named elements. Each object in the elements array has a date and a count field. My understanding is that keywordCount represents the total number of times a specific keyword appears, and the count field in each elements object represents the number of times the keyword appears on a specific date.

However, I have encountered a situation where the sum of all count values in the elements array does not add up to the keywordCount value. For instance, in one of my data entries, keywordCount is 9, but the sum of all count values in the elements array is 1.

Could you please clarify if my understanding of these fields is correct? If so, could you explain why there might be a discrepancy between the keywordCount and the sum of the count values in the elements array?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to your response.

Best regards,
Iheb Kharab