[REST API] Card in archived list is not marked as closed

Hi guys,

It seems that archiving a list, doesn’t mark all the cards belonging to it as archived. Is this a bug or by design?

Currently, with our Trello integration we mark tasks in our system as completed whenever the closed or dueComplete properties are true on a card.

With the current scenario, the list has the closed property set to true but all cards belonging to it have closed set to false.

Can you make the adjustment on your end to always close/reopen cards whenever a list is archived/restored?

This is by design. Archiving (and unarchiving) a list leaves the cards in the state that they are in.

@bcook can I kindly ask why was this approach taken?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to adjust the logic to automatically mark cards as archived/unarchived too since their visibility is affected on the UI too?

Can you please detail a bit more why would an open card belonging to an archived list make sense?


It has been this way for many, many years so I think the specifics of why the decision was made are likely lost in time. But I can give you what I think is likely the reason based on my understanding of why Trello does some other things the way it does.

Trello, in general, tries not to assume anything. Moving a card to a “Done” list doesn’t mark the due date complete. Nor does marking the due date complete finish checklist items. You have to explicitly tell Trello not to show completed cards. There are very few cascading actions that a user can take in Trello. My guess is that the intention was to continue maintaining that. The state of a list shouldn’t update the state of a card.

There are also some interesting questions around unarchiving lists. If you unarchive a list, do you expect the cards to be unarchived as well? All of the cards in the list? Or only the cards that were archived when the list was archived?

But it could also be the case that it just ended up being implemented that way and no one really thought more about it.


Makes sense. Thank you for your stellar reply! It explains things a lot.

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