Hey there,

im wondering if there is a way to access my orders in MyAtlassian beside the downloading of the pdf document?
It would be awesome if there is a rest API and would save quite some time.

I’m searching for quite some time now and just found open tickets that address the same topic.

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Something like this?

Hi @remie ,

something like this, but I don’t have access to quotes my company submitted.
Even with our primary sales account I can’t get any information about our quotes.

Any idea, if there is a way to access the quote information. eg. price, discount etc.?


We would like this too. It is painful to access quotes and other information from

Same here! We would really appreciate that feature!!

Google brought me this:

Hi @cdietert, @techtime
Did you find any solution for it?

No, nothing “ready made” found. In our case went to the long-term backlog to reverse engineer browser’s REST requests

It’s a pity. Maybe you found way to log in from any script? I’m trying analize it, but it so hard, I found that it use to authenticate with auth0-js library, but I’m not JS expert to debug it well

Anyone found a solution to this?

I have an app that processes the .csv downloadable via - But I also lack the login procedure by code which handles the redirect - Not found a solution to this now - so are manually forced to download the file on a regular basis.

Any updates or information on this? @rwhitbeck