RFC-22: Realm Persistence in Connect Data Residency

Understood, it would be great to see it as a checkbox in the UPM settings underneath the developer mode setting in an ideal world though.

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Does “invalid” also include valid numbers outside the range, i.e. -1, 0, 1000?
This would complicate the fallback behavior, but if there continues to be an upper limit, it’d be nice to see valid numbers get clamped into the permitted range, rather than becoming 7.

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Hey @satvik,

Thanks for feedback. Just to ensure I understand what you mean with regards to it being clamped to the permitted range - in the circumstance of -1 or 0, it would be 1 day (the minimum) and anything greater than any ceilings would become the ceiling (i.e. 1000 becomes 30 days)? This sounds like a sensible behaviour, whereas a shift to 7 days could otherwise be unexpected.

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@SeanBourke That’s exactly what I meant, yup. :+1:

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Hello all,

Thank-you for your feedback in this RFC.

I am happy to announce that we have completed the first half of this initiative offering Realm Persistence for Jira. Confluence is currently in the works and will be a fast follow later this year.

We are running a limited EAP for partners who are interested in testing this feature out, and providing feedback.

If you are interested in joining this EAP, please send me a message here on CDAC.