RFC-55: App Details Page Revamp

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Atlassian Marketplace is planning a visual refresh of the App Details page. This RFC highlights the proposed changes.

  • Publish: Jun 21, 2024
  • Discuss: Jun 28, 2024
  • Resolve: Jul 5, 2024

Dear partners,

As you know, we are working on enhancing the Atlassian Marketplace experience. We recently released an experiment with an update of the homepage, categories, collections, and search results pages to a small cohort of customers. We are now planning to revamp the other pages within the Marketplace with a primary focus on the App Details page.

The revamp of the App Details page aims to achieve the following:

  • Provide an intuitive information architecture that ensures quick evaluation of the app
  • Enhance the App Details page with better visualization and logical layout structure for effective navigation on the page
  • To ensure compatibility with mobile surfaces and alignment with accessibility guidelines
  • To align with the newly introduced Marketplace experience

Overview of proposed revamp

The intent of the proposed revamp is to help customers evaluate the app with ease and understand the functionality of the app effectively. We will be rearranging the already existing information in a logical format to ensure progressive disclosure of information. Through this approach, our aim is to help customers understand the details of the app effortlessly.

The overview tab will display information related to the app’s functionality, along with other essential evaluation parameters such as data residency, support information, version history, and compliance. Subsequently, we plan to incorporate summary of reviews, pricing, and more in the overview tab.

We want to eventually help customers evaluate better through rich media content like high-quality videos and gifs. As a step in this direction, we are trying to move the gallery closer to app functionality from its current location.

Please note: Partners don’t have to provide any new information as this revamp focuses only on realigning the already provided information.

Proposed solution

Mock up of proposed app details page with placeholder content and visuals

In addition to aligning with the new experience refresh, the main changes in the app details pages include:

  • App Header: We are decluttering the header so that it is easier for customers to consume the information. The hosting selector would be made more prominent, and server hosting options will be removed for Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Crowd.

  • Overview tab: The overview tab will be restructured to better showcase the current information (Tagline, YouTube links, Highlights, More Details, Gallery). We are planning to bring key information upfront (some of this information, like data residency and compliance certifications, will be fetched from the Privacy and Security tab) so that it helps with quicker evaluation. We will move the app gallery above the More Details section so that customers can interact better with visuals and understand the app functionality better.

  • Reviews tab: Server reviews will now be migrated to the review tab of the DC listing of the app.

  • Other tabs: Only changes in other tabs, such as the Privacy and Security tab, Support, Pricing, and Installation tab, will be the visual refresh to include new typography and responsive layout.

Request for Feedback

We welcome feedback on the proposed changes to the App Details page. Partners are encouraged to share their thoughts on the revamped layout, and we’re specifically looking for any feedback you might have on the:

  • Position of hosting selector
  • Placement of gallery
  • Prominence to the trust and support information
  • Any new content you would like to see on the app listing page in the future (currently we are exploring ‘request a demo’, additional videos, supporting gifs, showcasing customer stories, and testimonials)

Your input will help us ensure that the revamp meets customers’ needs and expectations. The outlined changes will be the first step in revamping the App Details page. Based on your feedback, we will make further enhancements in the future.


This looks absolutely great, thank you for this RFC. Looking forward to seeing this on the Marketplace!


This looks amazing.

The support section could go with other “technical” details at the bottom (resources, privacy, etc.). It is important to highlight whether the app is supported on the top, but the View support details may not be necessary there.

Looks great!

Thanks for bringing this RFC up, this seems to be a good approach in making key information easily visible to potential evaluators.

One question to the “Support” card on the upper right: What will be included in the “Certifications” section? Is this the “Compliance certifications” part of the Privacy and Security Tab?



One specific thing that I mentioned to a couple of Atlassians at Team '24 – As developers, we should be able to post the justification for each permission requested in a Forge app, and that should be shown to customers browsing the marketplace. As an Atlassian Solution Partner, I have trouble telling customers what permissions requested do for apps that I did not develop, and being able to see this on the marketplace page will make it easier to handle that.


Thank you for this preview. It looks really good.

I’m struggling to imagine what the listing will look like without a YouTube video. How will the display of the tagline and this new help card change for listings with the “Basic” or “Highlights” layout?

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This looks great! Its nice to see the app listings are getting some attention after the recent Marketplace refresh.

Overall, the design is spot on from my perspective, but I have one piece of feedback and a question:

  • Question: what type of items can be uploaded into the “Supporting media” section? At the moment we can only upload screenshots on our app listings, but Atlassian has recently improved the Solution Partner directory and allowed other media forms (e.g PDF and video) to be uploaded. Are you planning to do the same here?
  • Feedback: the hosting selector positioning seems unusual and unnecessary to me. It’s taking up valuable vertical space above the fold and may be better suited to sit with the other app attributes (e.g. installs, reviews etc). Unless there has been a lot of customer feedback about the hosting selector positioning, I don’t think it’s an issue that needs fixing.
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@CraigWillson I didn’t think of the ability to add video/gifs in supporting media, good idea.

Overall, looks great.

If something does not render properly on mobile then is it needed? My point is less can be more, add value not clutter, make sure it displays well for all.

Please test on Firefox as well. Atlassian has at times launched updates without considering non-Chromium browsers enough.


Great points @CraigWillson. I had the same thought about the hosting selector and agree that support for additional media types would be valuable. @ChoppaAditya what are your thoughts on these suggestions?

Additionally, the option to add customer stories, highlight quotes from the reviews or other testimonials, and have custom CTAs (aside from the JSM widget) would all be useful.

Otherwise, these look like great improvements for this iteration. Thank you!!


Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will consider some of these suggestions as we finalize the changes to the App Details page.

I will respond to the questions through different comments here -

What will be included in the “Certifications” section? Is this the “Compliance certifications” part of the Privacy and Security Tab?

Yes, the “Certifications” section will encompass the Compliance Certifications part of the Privacy and Security tab. If there are no compliance certifications we’ll remove that section from the overview for that app.

How will the display of the tagline and this new help card change for listings with the “Basic” or “Highlights” layout?

We are working on a design that will be adaptable for all layouts, including “Basic” and “Highlights”. Please note that the design shared is preliminary and subject to change. Our aim is to communicate the introduction of a card that offers a glimpse into Support and Data Security.

What type of items can be uploaded into the “Supporting media” section?

The “Supporting media” section in this Milestone will continue to display screenshots, as there will be no changes to the app publish and edit flow. In upcoming milestones, we are planning to introduce support for gifs and videos. We appreciate your interest in this feature.

the hosting selector positioning seems unusual and unnecessary to me. It’s taking up valuable vertical space above the fold and may be better suited to sit with the other app attributes (e.g. installs, reviews etc).

We have observed that customers miss the hosting selector on the details page. The new location is to ensure the hierarchy of the page flows logically for all devices and is accessible for all users, but we will consider the feedback about spacing.

Thank you for the response @BillWood. Both the Ecosystem and Marketplace teams are aware of this pain point. We will prioritize addressing this issue soon when we focus on improving the P&S tab further.