Rolling out support for apps in the new Jira Cloud issue view

We’re ready to release support for ecosystem apps in the new Jira Cloud issue view. Go to the blog post to learn when and what we’re doing. If you’ve been working on getting your app ready for the new issue view in Jira Cloud it’s almost time for customers to see it in action.

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Is this complete now?

We are seeing mixed results on our instances. We rolled out the Issue Content support this morning and our production instance is looking fine with the new issue content but our test instances are not showing any panels at all (old style or issue content). The descriptor we are using is

Any thoughts @tpechacek?

Hi @rwhitbeck. In my instance ( I have the option “New Jira Issue View” turned on in my profile but it shows the exact same view as when it was turned off. Is the correct place for it to be set or is there another place.


Hey @jmort, so unfortunately the rollout is a bit more complex than just a 0 -> 100% rollout. I tried to explain this a bit in the recent blog post but here is some more detailed info on this.

We are currently in the process of rolling out ecosystem support for all existing users with the new issue experience enabled. However, not everyone has the new issue experience and the new issue experience is mainly on the board/backlog locations (not the standalone issue detail page, project issue navigator, or global issue navigator - detail view).

The reason for this is we did not want to expand to these other locations, primarily the standalone issue page, because marketplace apps place a huge role there. So we wanted ecosystem support before we rolled out in large numbers there.

Next Steps
By next week, our goal is to have the ecosystem support rolled out for 100% of customers who have the new issue experience. Once this happens, no one should see the new issue experience without any apps, or panels (old or new), as it is fully supported. So we happen to be in a ~2 week transition period where we ramp up ecosystem support and are checking our metrics, feedback, other feedback channels to monitor.

Then, throughout June and the following months, we will be expanding the new issue experience rollout itself to new locations (not just board/backlog) and customers, since we now support marketplace apps.

If your production instance looks great, that’s awesome! Can you DM or provide the test instance where the panels are not showing at all. I can take a look to investigate what is happening here quickly, otherwise it should resolve itself within the coming week.

Hope that makes sense, wanted to give you a full explanation. Let me know if you have any other questions or anything we can help with. Cheers

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@paul Hi Paul! Please see my comment below to explain a bit more about the rollout.

Also, can you confirm where you are viewing the new issue detail view? If you have the "New Jira Issue View’ enabled in your profile, you should only see that on the board / backlog locations, not the standalone full page yet.

Let me know if that’s the case, otherwise if you are not seeing anything, we will look into this ASAP.

Hi @tpechacek I was using the detail view. I have now checked the backlog and I can see the new Issue experience.


@paul Ok awesome, thanks for confirming! We will continue rollout to the stand-alone full page issue detail view as well as the project/global issue navigator in the coming months, but we wanted to have ecosystem support in place before we do so. We are well on our way to doing this :+1:

Let me know if there is anything else we can help with or clarify. Cheers

Thanks for the detailed reply @tpechacek. My worry was that we had deployed descriptor changes that would not be accepted by all instances.

Hi @tpechacek

A couple of questions after reading over the documentation.

  1. What do we do with headless web panels that don’t display anything. I use them for loading code that polls my server for changes and notifies the user. This doesn’t seem to fit at the moment.

  2. Will we no longer be able to display a panel of information on the issue screen? One of my plugin allows the user to specify a group of non jira custom fields which either contain informational data (that the user needs to see) or data they need to enter. Under the Issue content module the information won’t be displayed by default and for the Issue Glance module the user would have to click on the field to display all of the information. Is my understanding correct?


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@tpechacek, are you able to help me or is there someone else that can help


Hey @paul, here is an update

  1. So the use case you are going for via using headless web panels is something we can look at in the future, but on the new issue view, we do not support ‘headless web panels’ as a work around to just simply load code. As a workaround, maybe adding it as an issue operation would be something that is less visible and would load your code on every issue detail view load? The issue content and issue glance modules are always displayed now.

I will look into this more with our team to see if there is something we can build that is specific for this use case and not have to rely on headless web panels, but something you can use to load code nonetheless.

Just to clarify though, you are using the webPanel module with the location = ‘left.context…’ but it didn’t load anything on the page?

  1. There is now a trade-off to be made between the issue content and the context information on the right hand column using the new issue glance module. You can read more here about these design decisions. The main customer complaint we want to address is that after installing 3+ marketplace apps it became overwhelming to use because every issue on every project for every user had multiple iframes that took up a lot of space but were empty much of the time. We are implementing this so that our customers can install many ecosystem apps (50+ for example) and the information scales out much better.

So for panels on the issue content, yes, this is now driven from user interactions. I.e. I want to add an attachment, add a subtask, add time tracking, add an Invision prototype, etc. which would cause the web panel to load after there is content. For the Issue Glance, yes the user has to click in, but you should provide some high-level information to let the user know to click in or not. The trade-off is that the glance is always visible and once the user clicks in, you control the entire side panel of the issue detail view, which was not possible before. In the old issue view, there were just multiple iframes drawn along the right hand column and always visible.

I hope this helps clarify the changes. Let me know if you have additional questions.

Hi @tpechacek

  1. In regard to your question the web panel is completely blank and I use the location ‘left.context…’. It’s only purpose is to load code to poll my servers and possibly show a message using AP.Flag. I had a look at the documentation and there doesn’t seem to be a issue operation (just glance content and field, although field is shown twice)

  2. Ok I understand where you are coming from with this change. May I suggest a possible future enhancement. Allow the user to pin the expanded content open. That way they can see the entire panel (without re-opening it everytime) if they wish.

One other question! It states in the documentation that we should have the old web panel as well as the new issue glance/content and that at some stage in the future they won’t support the web panels and we can remove them. Since plugin users don’t have to upgrade to the latest version (I have several on older versions of my plugin) will the web panel always be supported or will users on older version of the plugin suddenly find functionality missing?


Hi @tpechacek,

Do you have any idea when the new experiences is going to be available for the standalone issue detail page?

@tpechacek, any news on handling headless operations. I still haven’t seen any sign of an Issue Operation that you mentioned.

I see the new look is being rolled out to my dev environment breaking the functionality of two of my plugins.

How is this good for the customer when new screen layouts break existing plugins that have no way of being fixed.


@dmeyer are you able to help with this. Is there any chance of getting headless panel, it can also be invisible so won’t affect the user experience. Two of my plugins use these to poll our server, display notifications about sub tasks being created and refresh the issue. With the new Jira issue view the user transitions, sub tasks are created in the background but the user has no idea that anything has happened.

Is there anything like this going to be released, has it been discussed?


Hey @paul, we have not built support for headless operations yet. I may have missed a few questions as I’m reading through the thread above, apologies for that!

  • Issue Operation: The new Issue Content and Issue Glance modules are new, and specifically used on the new issue detail view being rolled out. However, we provide backward compatibility for all existing support webPanels and webItems. So the existing issue operations locations being used as a webItem are mapped to the new issue view issue actions in the (…) in the top right, same as old.

Do you mind sharing the name of your marketplace apps, so we can take a closer look at what you are doing and how your plugins broke when using the new issue view…this shouldn’t be the case and we will work to resolve this quickly.

Hi @tpechacek, the plugins are Sub Task Manager and Transition Manager. Issues creating other issues during transition is the problem area, there is a video for both which show this happening. Both use the same approach for polling.

The backward compatibility that you mentioned only seems to be for visual information, not any processing that occurs during loading, which seems to be a big hole as far as the compatibility is concerned.


@Maarten, Now you can opt in for full page new issue view from personal settings in your profile as Taylor mentioned earlier.

@paul If I understand your add-on correctly. Its process is based on transition and web-panel is just to have a javascript bridge to display flag of messages. At moment your right-context web panel will be rendered as glance control on issue page as well as its url in iframe. Although panel is collapsed initially, it is on issue page and has full access to AP already. So your current approach should still work. I would like to encourage you to update your module to include a simple status page to display in glance panel, that will provide your add-on a real estate on Issue Page, where it can display important information and promote your add-on too.

Hi @zwang, I have tried this again and no messages are display. Looking at the console logs it looks like this is initially loaded but not reloaded after the transition. Should the glance controls be reloaded when a transition occurs?