Self serve updates to your documentation in the Cloud Migration Assistants; signal compatibility with your automated or integrated migration paths

Hi developer community,

We’ve recently announced the release of APIs that will allow you to start building a migration path from server / Data Center to cloud for your app data, or integrate your existing server / Data Center to cloud migration path, with the Cloud Migration Assistants.

Now, you can self serve updates to the App Assessment screen for your apps with the new Marketplace Migration API.

This API should be used by Marketplace Partners who:

  • Want to update the App Assessment screen to provide customers with documentation on feature differences between server / Data Center and cloud versions or migration path instructions.
  • Want to link separate server / Data Center and cloud app listings. Note: Redirects on Marketplace are still not available, but this API will power app listing links inside of the App Assessment Tool and in our Migrations Total Cost Calculator (coming soon).
  • Want to signal version compatibility for automated migration paths built with the App Migration Platform to integrate with the Cloud Migration Assistants.

Please continue to raise AMKTHELP tickets if you would like to have your documentation added to our public KB article.

Watch the changelog for additional updates.


Thanks @akassab for this, it would be great if you can detail on who can run this Marketplace migration API in those docs because we have tried multiple times using different levels of marketplace users/ contacts but couldn’t update our apps.

Edit: Users with “Manage add-on details” permissions in Atlassian Marketplace can use the API. We are updating the docs.


Yes, I am having those permissions, @akassab but not able to PUT or PATCH some details into our apps. Thanks for the quick response.

@Nishanth.Thimmareddy OK thanks for flagging. That sounds like a bug to me. I’m following up with the Marketpalce team to get it fixed.

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Thanks, @akassab, it is solved for us now, James from migration team has helped us. The problem was around authentication method.

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Hi Nishanth,

Could you please elaborate on what fixed the issue for you? We are also unable to PUT/PATCH details into our apps.


Hi @anshuman,

  1. My account didn’t have the permission to update Marketplace

  2. The PUT/ PATCH shouldn’t be inside an array.

  3. We changed the Authorization header to username/ password instead of the API key.

Thanks for checking, hope this helps.


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