SEN deprecation date

Is the Jun 30, 2022 date for SEN removal communicated in the following post still correct & applicable?

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@satvik Thanks for your question. June 30 is the deprecation date at Connect. We needed to give partners 6 months’ notice about this change. As such it can be considered the earliest date at which this transition could take place.

While our commerce systems continue to support the SEN, it will continue to be provided by Connect.

I know the commerce team is continuing to work through the transition and only once that is done will the Connect changes take effect. Currently I am expecting that to happen around September.

If you have any concerns in this area, please let us know.


@cmacneill I’m interested to know what the output from the marketplace endpoint will look like once this change comes into affect. Will the SEN be removed completely from the payload or will it still be present for historical licenses? So in the below example will there be no license_id identifier present for this record?
Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 13.14.05

Hey Hector!

Please refer to this post regarding changes to marketplace reporting apis wrt SEN deprecation.

The sen will be supported temporarily to give time for you to migrate to new system. But it will eventually be discontinued.

Thanks @PoorvaDixit unfortunately I can’t see anything on that thread which answers my question and can no longer post to it. Will the SEN actually be removed from the API? i.e. once the deprecation happens will the SEN still be available in the payload for historical records like the above?

@PoorvaDixit I’m also wondering when the entitlement id/ number will be available in the feedbacks endpoints? Can’t see it present in either of these /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/feedback/details /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/feedback/details/export

Hello @HectorKurtyanek - please view this page in our Partner Portal for details on SEN replacement and other impacts related to the new billing system. Examples are available in the appendices at the bottom of the page.

If you do not have access to the Partner Portal, you can request it here

@MaggieNorbyAdams Thanks! :+1: