[Server EoL] Managing customer expectations for apps

Although this might be a bit early considering that the actual End of Life for Server is on Februari 15, 2024, I would like to have clarity on some topics with regard to how this is going to play out for Apps. Based on the answers I can make sure that I manage customer expectations accordingly and prepare them for possible system disruption in time.

So here are my questions:

DC customers using Server apps

  1. Will DC customers be able to continue to use Server apps if no DC approved version is available, or will all apps need to be DC approved prior to Februari 15, 2024?

  2. If DC customers can continue to use Server apps, will they be able to continue to renew their license?

  3. If DC customers can continue to use Server apps, will we be able to continue to upload new versions of our Server apps to MPAC

  4. Does the above also apply to Free apps? And if so, is Atlassian willing to start communications to customers telling them their favourite free apps will probably no longer work (regardless whether they are on DC) because free app maintainers will probably not want to invest in DC approval (see also EULA and Data Center for free apps)

Server apps listing on MPAC

  1. What are the plans with regards to the Server listing on MPAC in general? Will they be removed?

  2. Will partners still be able to see Server licensing & transactions in the MPAC reporting section?

  3. Given the fact that Server apps have a proprietary license model, we will probably still want to / need to be able to provide support for customers with existing Server licenses that they wish to continue to operate. This is a business decision a lot of vendors will probably make to ensure customer retention when moving to Cloud / DC. We might also need to continue to support fixes to the migration assistance process. Will we still be able to create new versions of Server apps in MPAC?

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Let me add a comment before this thread is automatically closed after 30 days…

I think these are valid questions and well worth a few answers. I’d appreciate to see them any time soon!


Since we are about to start fielding these questions in a couple of months - can we please find out who at Atlassian is responsible for this?



Just had a customer reach out about a Server app. I decided to retire all my Server only apps, but I’m sure an answer would be important to other vendors.

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Quoting myself for the identical reason.


Although I appreciate the effort, and am seriously hoping that Atlassian is going to respond to this thread (pinging @rwhitbeck, @dmorrow again to chime in, and also CC-ing @tpettersen as this has been a stale topic that needs attention), I don’t think it is necessary to add comments to prevent the post from closing. I never selected that option when I created the topic and normally it would say so on the bottom.

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I don’t think it is necessary to add comments to prevent the post from closing. I never selected that option when I created the topic and normally it would say so on the bottom.

I’m pretty sure that it said so when I first posted for this reason.

My second post was admittedly more ironic, yet still hoping to draw some attention from Atlassian.

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Does anyone know what is going to happen to the App Server trial licenses? Since Apps sales stop in Jan 2023 will the trials be going away at the same time? I’ve occasionally recommended customers use them when they are staying on Server for a month after their migration and need to get some tasks done but don’t want to pay for a full year or for me to give them a Dual License.

I would strongly suppose that trial licenses will disappear. However, for the scenario you describe, this shouldn’t be a problem. As far as I know, Server licenses are actually perpetual, and therefore the app should continue to work without problems, even after the license has expired.

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@remie very timely, there is work being done to perform an overhaul of the FAQs we published on the Partner Portal when we first made our Journey to Cloud Announcement. We will add these to the list and provide updates by late January.

Hello everyone, I wanted to follow up and let you know we’ve published an updated set of FAQs in the existing page on Partner Portal. Official communications alerting the broader partner base that this has been updated will go out in this month’s Marketplace Partner Skim newsletter blog on Partner Portal as well but I wanted to make sure we closed this thread out on the update.

We recognize some questions and information apply to partners with free apps only who do not have partner portal access and our teams are working to adapt the appropriate FAQs onto developer.atlassian.com for that audience which will come soon.

We incorporated most of the questions in this thread, but if anything was missed or you have more, please comment on the Partner Portal page to decrease the chances it is overlooked. We’ll be working to add to the FAQ more regularly as we go forward.