Single app function only works in tunnel

Hi there,
during testing of my app I encountered that one functionality (modifying all pages of a Confluence space) is only working when I use the forge tunnel. I deployed the app already several times and checked that it is up to date on my testing instance. The app is installed in development and production environment. The UI (UI kit) looks fine and everything works, but when I execute this function, nothing happens, whereas it is working correctly when using the tunnel.
Any idea how I could debug this? The production logs in my instance show nothing, unfortunately.

I’m not much help on the dev side, but as campaign manager for Codegeist, I wanted to provide a little help.

Did you see this other thread?

There are also some feedback items that might help.

Hi @CarrieMamantov
thanks for the links. I read through them but unfortunately, they don’t help with that problem.

Hey @ij-s
Hmmm this is an interesting one, I got a few questions, when you say the production logs show nothing, what do you mean by that? Is it that no logs came through, or that there is nothing of use from the logs?

If it’s the first case, I’ve got a few more questions, firstly, which functionality are you using to try and attempt to view production logs, is it through or from forge logs -e production?

Typically we’d be able to debug your app through their logs, but not having any logs makes it rather difficult :sweat_smile: Could you please also run forge logs --verbose -e production and send us through any Request IDs you see? We can check if anything is going wrong with the logging queries from our side and go from there.

Hey @BlairCox
Thanks for your reply. With production logs show nothing I mean that there aren’t any logs. On, I see just this

With forge logs -e production, nothing is displayed at all in the terminal.
I executed “forge logs --verbose -e production”. Here is one request ID: bfdf49138dacca17
Hopefully this ID helps to identify what might be the problem.

Was not able to see anything out of the ordinary on our side. For a bit more context, would it be possible to explain what your app is trying to do, and what specifically is going wrong?

Sure, the app should add a label the user inserts to all pages of a Confluence space. It works if the user selects single pages or for all child pages of a certain page. However, if it is selected to add the labe to all pages, the label is just not added. The app don’t return an error, the function is not working.
When running with forge tunnel everything works as expected and also if I log the parameters in the function, everything looks good and I don’t see an issue.
I added some logging to my code:

INFO    2021-09-15T17:54:55.872Z 17fcb5b7-800e-483e-b40c-924d6396996f 3
INFO    2021-09-15T17:54:55.873Z 17fcb5b7-800e-483e-b40c-924d6396996f [ 'tAP' ]
INFO    2021-09-15T17:59:51.756Z 84fc29fe-56b1-4230-b136-4f006b5346d1 3 --> in tunnel, works
INFO    2021-09-15T17:59:51.757Z 84fc29fe-56b1-4230-b136-4f006b5346d1 [ 'label_new' ] --> in tunnel, works
INFO    2021-09-15T18:12:26.203Z 5b34b2a6-f485-482b-9af9-fd90a897bbe4 8
INFO    2021-09-15T18:12:26.211Z 5b34b2a6-f485-482b-9af9-fd90a897bbe4 [ 'label_test' ]

The first line is the number of pages in the space and the second one the array of the label(s) I want to add. Everything looks similar beside that for the two lines in the middle I get the result I expect. For the other attempts, there is no label added.

What difference between tunnel / no tunnel might cause this behavior?

Hi @ij-s , can you post the output of forge install list?