Some components have errors in IE11

I added a topic before because I got an error in Internet Explorer 11 with some components (Internet Explorer 11 support)

@bgummer found the problem in the version of the Icon component inside the field-base. With the 8.0.1 version of the Icon it works fine, but I have the same issue with other components: single-select, multi-select and inline-edit because all of them are using the version 6.5.2 of the Icon. Yesterday, a new version of the inline-edit component was released and now it works, but the “select” components still has errors.

Hi @carlos.fernandez thanks for raising this. I’ve just created a PR to update the components you mentioned.


Thank you @bgummer. I’ll be watching the pull-request.

Hi @carlos.fernandez the PR has been merged and @atlaskit/multi-select@7.1.4 and @atlaskit/single-select@2.0.3 should be released in the next hour or so :tada:


Great @bgummer, thank you for the quick response.