Status and Priority fields can not be set error in create issue API

While create a issue using two dropdown Status and Priority, showing this error - Status and Priority fields can not be set. It is not on the appropriate screen or unknown. How to resolve this issue ?


There really isn’t enough context in your post to help. Maybe you could have a look at the following and come back with more details:

@ibuchanan Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

I can’t create a issue using the API in Postman because showing error in this fields priority and status
please check in the attached screenshot. But while I am using the REST API to create a issue in my code it is working but whatever priority and status I chose its not submit, the default value is submitting for both field, So how I can resolve that issue ?

More clarification:- While I am creating an issue in JIRA Application there is a status field where I can select any option but while in REST API select a option in status field its always taking default value TO DO .

Please help, Thanks in Advance.

Well, usually when you create a ticket, it takes the initial status defined by the “Create” transition, you can’t really create a ticket as “In progress”.
Regarding the issue type, I’d first check whether you have removed that field from your screen schemes, and also whether the id you’re passing actually exists as a valid issue type for the project you’re using

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