Storage API return empty array for custom entity queries

Hello, could anyone look at my query to see if it is the issue, or I should report an issue with storage itself.

I’m not able to query by index. When I query by key, it works fine, but when I use index it doesn’t work, here is an example:

Storing test data (it works fine most probably):

    const queryResponse = await storage.entity('similar_ideas').set('test_key2', {
        project: 'test_project1',
        project_two: 'test_project_two2',
        is_same_project: false,
        pair_one: 'test_pair_one2',
        pair_two: "test_pair_two2",
        score: 0.5

Querying test data by key:

const queryResponse = await storage.entity("similar_ideas").get('test_key2');

Response (I get my stored my value back):


So far so good…

But when I query by index (for example “project” index)

    const queryResponse = await storage
        . where(WhereConditions.equalsTo("test_project1"))



Or if I query using getOne() I get “undefined”

Do you have an idea if it is the way I construct query or store data or it is another issue with storage API or something similar?

I had the same issue: Custom entities no longer being stored The Forge dev team is looking into it. I’ve switched to just key–value pairs in the meantime.

Thank you @AaronCollier for insight. But the problem is, that I can store data in my custom entity, and I can even query it by key, which is an index by default, however when I query by any other index generated by me, it stops returning any query results, like there is no data at all. Let’s hope the issue will be solved soon.