Summit opportunity: Will you Pledge 1%?

In 2014, Salesforce, Atlassian, Rally, and Tides spearheaded a global movement of giving back: Pledge 1%. This movement encourages and challenges individuals and companies to give 1% of equity, profit, product, and/or employee time for their communities. So far, thousands of companies of every size and in 100 countries have taken the Pledge!

If you think your company might be interested, now is a great time to consider taking the Pledge! If you move fast and get your company on board before July 31st, 2018, we should be able to include your company’s logo on the Pledge 1% slide that will be presented at Summit.

Signing up takes less than five minutes – simply visit

In addition to presenting an excellent opportunity to interact directly with customers and Atlassian staff, Summit is a great opportunity to get recognized for being a member of Pledge 1%. If your company has already taken the Pledge, we’ll be sure to include your logo on various promotional materials at Summit, including a slide that will be presented by one of Atlassian’s Founders – below. (If your organization is already a member of Pledge 1% and you don’t see your logo, please let us know.)

Here are a couple of testimonials from other Atlassian Ecosystem Partners:

Desma Spyridopoulos, Director at GLiNTECH (Platinum Solution Partner)

Where [Pledge] 1% has made a difference for us is in the communication to staff and to the charities themselves. It has allowed us to express our involvement in much clearer terms. This is thanks to the great marketing [Pledge] 1% already do, everyone is aware of what it means.

At the moment we are talking with 2 charities to see if there is a team project we can be involved in that will represent our 1% of time. Typically this will be in Atlassian services work and may include our GLiNTECH Atlassian Marketplace apps which will be our 1% of product. We already donate funds to both charities so that part of the pledge is achieved, we also participate in a corporate day each year at the Sydney Children’s Hospital with their Play Therapy team, this means that staff who are not technical can also contribute to our pledge. It has been a good initiative for us.

François Dussurget, Co-Founder & CEO at Valiantys (Platinum Solution Partner)

The Pledge 1% program inspired us at Valiantys to start Caring for Change, a program which empowers employees to collaborate and set up charitable projects focused on Education. This program brings together teams from around the world and has introduced a new level of team spirit, cultural understanding, and global awareness.

Being a part of the Pledge 1% movement has given us a vibrant community to inspire and support Caring for Change.

So what are you waiting for? Pledge now!

If you’re already participating in Pledge 1%, comment with your experience so far below :slight_smile:


The Plugin People (Marketplace Vendor) have been a 1% supporter for several years now, odd we are not there from the start! As a small company we support worthy causes through 1% product at this time.

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Hello @miles, I also mentioned this at the Partner Space: DEISER logo seems to be cropped on the image; I already sent our high res logo to Philip. Please let me know what else needs to be done to find a solution to this. Thanks in advance for your response. Cheers!

Hey @andy - Just shot you a note.

Hey @huwen.arnone - Just confirmed you’re good to go and nothing else is needed. Thanks!

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Thanks for your response!! :grinning: