Support for UIM on transition screens


Is this the best place for us to ask about/make requests for functionality related to Forge modules like UIM? We have some use cases for conditionally modifying field behavior on transition screens. For example:

  • If I am selecting a transition like ‘Blocked’, and the transition screen offers Linked Issues, default the issueLinkType to ‘is blocked by’ and pre-populate the comment for the transition screen
  • If I am transitioning a bug with some Asset selected from the Services schema, fetch that service’s owner and pre-populate the ‘Assignee’ field with them on the transition screen

etc. But, unless I am misreading (, it looks like we can only access UIM on GIC and View Issue. I’m aware UIM is pretty new, but I support an org that migrated from Atlassian On-prem, so functionality like this is very meaningful to our users. Let me know if there is a better place to ask about feature requests/watch requested features.

I created this as feature suggestion FRGE-1369 on Please feel free to review and vote or add your own context or use cases if you would find it helpful for you or your customers.

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @PatrickShiner,

There are 2 parts to that question.

“ask about”

Yes, this is the best place to ask questions about Forge. This community has many of the most seasoned Atlassian-ecosystem developers, from both inside and outside Atlassian. Your post is perfectly fine, but as you get oriented to the community you might find this useful to understand our norms:

“make requests for functionality”

Even with the participation of Atlassian’s, we need to funnel feature requests into a system that has the right teams watching for the right things. That’s Atlassian’s open Jira instance, known as JAC (for You can open a “suggestion” issue yourself in Jira (JAC) in the JRACLOUD project. Once you have the issue key, please let us know here so other community members can watch, vote, and comment.

There’s no harm in asking here first. Sometimes that also helps gauge if your feature request would get additional votes & comments that helps get it prioritized. Sometimes, like you’ve asked, it’s just a sanity check for workarounds before making the formal request. In any case, I can confirm that you haven’t missed anything in this case.

Hey @ibuchanan, thanks for the informative response! I’ll be honest, I thought I had done my homework on JAC before I came to this forum :sweat_smile:. For what it’s worth, I couldn’t find a “Forge” component or project on there, but it does look like JAC needs a support ticket to raise a feature suggestion.

So I appreciate that you gave me both a sanity check and some instruction. I’ll be back if, once I’ve gone through the proper channels, a feature suggestion is raised.

Thanks much!


Bugs do require a support case. But “suggestions” should be open, as long as you are logged into to JAC. Can you confirm you were logged in?

To your point about JAC project structure, it’s primary function is customer support so first find the relevant product, in this case Jira Cloud (JRACLOUD), then you should be able to find a “Forge” component. Alternatively, the developer world has been relatively newly created as Atlassian Ecosystem (ECO).

Interesting! Looks that suggestions are not open on JAC as expected, at least with the Jira Software Cloud project selected (I am not able to select the JRA project directly in the Create screen):

I can confirm I am logged in; and, I do have create issue rights in the on-prem projects. Looks that Cloud may want Support’s eyes on feature suggestions first? This was the search I ran before posting that made me think perhaps it wasn’t tracked publicly:

(project in ("Jira Software Cloud", "Jira Cloud") AND component in (Forge))

I am glad you mentioned, though - I stumbled on that and honestly did not know if it was active/monitored/legit, since I’m so used to checking JAC; but, there is a Forge project there that I suspect is the right place for me to log this. I’ll do that now, but I shared the above description and screenshots in case there’s something worth catching there for you or me.

Seriously, thanks for sticking around and helping me get set in the right direction.

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