Support our Atlassian Marketplace Partners

In light of recent events unfolding, I call upon Atlassian leadership and the Atlassian Ecosystem to help any Atlassian Marketplace Partners that are directly impacted.

More specifically, help should be considered in regard to:

  1. Ensure continuity of Atlassian Marketplace Partners business
  2. Provide assistance in case of (forced) refuge relocation

For the first option I would like to ask Atlassian and Atlassian Solution Partners to consider the impact of these events on the ability to provide Customer Support. If possible, Atlassian Support and Atlassian Solution Partners should reach out to impacted parties to see if they can assist with providing 1st line of support to mutual customers to offload some of the work and ensure business continuity.

Secondly, given the possible impact on financial transactions to all parties involved, either as a direct result of the conflict or through imposed sanctions on financial systems, Atlassian should reach out to impacted Marketplace Partners and see if they can help. For instance with setting up alternative bank accounts or business entities, quickly process any mutations to financial / business details or by withholding reimbursements upon request.

I do not wish to invoke any political discussion on this platform and will flag any such response. However, as a community, we should support any Atlassian Marketplace Partner that is impacted by conflicts between nations that they did not seek nor wish to participate in.


Announcements by Marketplace Partners that are already taking action on their own:

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Thank you @remie.

We are deeply saddened by the ongoing situation in Ukraine and the affects it’s having on our employees, contractors and partners. Atlassian is monitoring the situation closely.

We are in progress of reaching out directly to our partners to better understand their situation and current needs. From these conversations, we expect to have a deeper understanding of the type of support and services required and how Atlassian can help. We will provide an update to all affected partners as details are confirmed.


:ukraine::ukraine:We @ Broken Build the Ukrainian company stop support and blocked apps and sales for clients from Russia and Belarus in response to their aggression against Ukraine​:ukraine::ukraine:


Thanks @remie for raising this. I’ve been thinking pretty frequently of the AUG Community in Kyiv alone, which has >300 members (Atlassian Community Events Kyiv), and how they’re coping. As a global community of peers, I’m sure there are things we can do to help but am heartened to see that Atlassian are digging deeper to see what assistance is going to be most useful for them in these dark times. Thank you for calling it out.

Look forward to hearing more from @amardesich on what we can do to ease the burden for impacted partners and community members.


We (bitvoodoo) stopped as well now the support of our apps for companies from Russia and Belarus.
Not least out of solidarity and to support somehow our Ukrainian development team.


Oliver, are you selling through Atlassian?
Can you set it up so that new licenses and maintenance are not sold to companies from some countries?
Did you discuss refusing support to existing clients from Russia and Belarus with Atlassian in any way?

Yes, we are selling through Atlassian but till now I don’t know how to manage that we “block” companies on the marketplace.
We didn’t discuss this with Atlassian, but I hope that they understand these points not at least that we should be in compliance with international sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

A statement from Atlassian to us as Marketplace vendors would be great and helpful and would create trust into these actions, that we don’t need to fear losing our partner state or anything else.

We communicate to the customer that they are hopefully not involved in this war and as soon as peace is installed they could contact us again.
And for sure we decide from case to case. if it’s an organisation helping Ukraine in humanity we’ll help.
I hope that answers your questions.


@remie Thanks for creating a post about this initiative.

We at Digital Toucan also decided to stop supporting the companies from Russia and Belarus and we will block the services for them this week.

I hope that Atlassian joins the boycott.

Just like people didn’t want their money invested in South Africa during apartheid, do you really want to have your money invested in Russia during Russia’s brutal invasion and subjugation and carving up of Ukraine?

Source: ‘Yes, He Would’: Fiona Hill on Putin and Nukes - POLITICO

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Big vendors are taking action by themselves. Appfire :point_right: Appfire Position Statement on the Ukraine Crisis and Russia

@amardesich Is there any timeline on when Atlassian is going to release any statement regarding the Ukraine war and official guidance for Marketplace partners?
Thank you, stay safe! :pray:

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@Nikki-jexo and others who are following this thread. Here is Atlassian’s official statement. We’ve also started a new thread here on the Developer Community to capture questions and additional feedback.