Survey required for submitting an app?

We’ve submitted a new app to the Atlassian Marketplace and are now told that we need to fill in a survey in order to continue the review process? When did this become mandatory? Also, if we refuse to to fill in the survey, does this mean that we can no longer submit new apps to the Atlassian Marketplace?

Not sure who to tag here, is this Research (@CaitlinMcCurrie), Marketplace (@MalathiVangalapati), Marketing (@amardesich) or DX team (@tpettersen)?

To be honest, I would say that the results of that survey became unreliable the minute you made it a mandatory part of the app submission process which is the final step between a partner and possible monetisation of an app, but I guess the purpose was never to get actual feedback, right? :man_shrugging:


Got a response from the Research team on the submission ticket:

To answer your question: the survey is not mandatory for you to progress with your submission (but your input would be appreciated).

I understand that as a partner we are frequently asking for your feedback, and this may seem like yet another request on top of many others. So to give you a little more context:

We’re using data collected from this survey to better understand your developer experience at an app and framework/platform level - what sort of aspects are working and what needs improvement for the specific app you have listed for review.

Completing the survey allows our research team to consolidate and aggregate feedback more efficiently. We want to capture feedback and insights from all corners of our community to get a representative understanding of blockers and enablers of building apps today for DC/Cloud, on Connect or Forge.

Hoping this context is helpful to you. Please let me know if you have any feedback on how we collect feedback. I’m always open to ways to improve how we solicit feedback from our partners - we do not take it for granted.

Given that this means the survey is not mandatory can anyone from Atlassian please,

  • Inform the approval team that the survey is not required to continue the submission;
  • Adjust the text of the Automation rule that sends the survey link?

The current process makes it seem like the survey is mandatory, causing friction in the approval process. It would be great if action can be taken to prevent this friction.

With regard to the automation rule, please adjust the following highlighted text

Automation for Jira (Yesterday 10:14 AM)
Hi Remie Bolte ,
Thank you for submitting your app to the Atlassian Marketplace! To continue with the review process, please complete this survey We’d love to understand how to better support you on our developer platform.
Once you’ve completed the survey, please let us know via this ticket. Your time and feedback is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!



Hi @remie I am the new Atlassian Marketplace Operations leader and I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I agree that there is conflict between wording and process expectations here. I will work with our internal teams to review and evaluate updates needed to help provide more clarity. Thanks again for your feedback!


Hey Remie! Long time no chat.
Acknowledging your question :raised_back_of_hand: and reiterating what Cara shared directly on the ticket with regards to the survey context/value. Confirming that the research team is working to clarify with @NicoleLanglois and team.


@NicoleLanglois / @CaitlinMcCurrie - is there any news on this?
I submitted an app for approval 2 weeks ago, and I am now being told that the app cannot move forward in the approval process unless I fill out the survey.

I was under the impression this was not supposed to be mandatory.


Howdy and happy new year! Confirming that in December, we updated the language in the approval process to make it clearer that it is not mandatory.