Thank you so much, it's been a pleasure

Hi all,

Almost 3 years ago I joined Atlassian and what a journey it’s been. Meeting you all across the many developer and customer events from App Weeks to Summits to Open and more has been an absolute pleasure. It’s partners and developers like you that make this ecosystem so special and I’ve never worked with such a group of partners who are always willing to provide such candid and open feedback not to tear things down but how to improve and get better moving forward.

It’s bittersweet to say that I’ve accepted an external offer to join DocuSign’s Strategic Partnerships team and tomorrow, Friday, July 16, 2021 is my last day at Atlassian.

While 2020 was a trashy year and didn’t allow us the normality of meeting up and exchanging ideas in-person, most likely you’ll be seeing me at Atlassian events in 2022 asking the Atlassians many of the same questions you ask me and the Technical Partner Managers hahaha.

Do stay in touch!

@david2 @igordin - I think you 2 were the first Marketplace Partners I met in-person at that food court in the Mandalay Bay!

@nick @edave - I distinctly remember our impromptu meetup at Summit in Vegas hanging out on the beanie bags in the hallway outside of the session rooms.

@swilliams @jworsley @neal.riley @lhauser @jmort - Visiting your office in London was GORGEOUS and who could forget those loooooooong nights in Vienna at the Hilton bar.

@david.toussaint @dirk.roehrborn - Thanks for hosting me at your office in Dresden! Absolutely loved Dresden and to be honest I’d move there in a heartbeat over Munich or Berlin.

@roberto @jimmy - Drink more wine. Keep sending me pics, hopefully at the next Atlassian event we can make that wine tasting night happen and pop some older vintages. - I think I’ve seen you at EVERY Atlassian event that I’ve been to! Starting first at App Week Santa Cruz all the way to Open in Vienna.

@stefan - Co-presenter at Vienna Open! Such a shame that I never managed to visit Stuttgart afterwards :frowning:

@jeff @Holly @randall - Planning on acquiring DocuSign? :laughing:


Hi Justin;

Thank you so much Justin for the work done. I remember the meeting in Vienna with Warren and you announcing to Flora and me a lot of changes and news of the marketplace. Nearly two years, but it seems five or six and that we knew each other a long time ago.

All the best that I’m sure you’ll get.

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Hey Justin, what a pity to see you leaving. It’s been a great pleasure meeting and working with you. All the best from Communardo. Take care, Dirk

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Thanks Justin for all the work and improvements you have made for us vendors.

Wish you all the best at DocuSign and it was pleasure whenever we have met.



LOL. Good luck Justin!


Good luck

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All the best Justin and thank you for all the hard work!

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All the best Justin, good luck at DocuSign. look us up if ever back in London.

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Haha… you never know!! I wish you all the best and look forward to continuing to see you around the ecosystem!


Thanks Justin, was real nice working with you! It was refreshing to see how you managed to always be available for smaller vendors and make sure to take our views into consideration while embarking on such great challenges like overhauling the Partner program. DocuSign is lucky to have you join them!


Good luck!

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Thank you Justin. All the best for the next step on the journey of life (we are DocuSign customers at Easy Agile)!

Cheers mate, Nick

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Thanks for the support along the way, Justin. We’re sad to lose you and wish you all the best at DocuSign!

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Thanks @jlau2 for your investment in the ecosystem in the past years! It was a pleasure to host you in Dresden as well, drop me note if you ever happen to come again :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you, Justin, in whatever comes next!

Thanks Justin & good luck!