Top 5 benefits of Community engagement for Partners

For most users, the online community is a way to get quick solutions to questions they have about Atlassian products. We want all users to get the help they need, and in some cases, they require more hands-on, long-term help that the online community can offer. That’s where you come in, Partners! When used right, the online community is a great opportunity to find clients who require the services, implementation, consulting and unique solutions that you provide.

Build reputation As you already know, it’s not always easy convincing future clients that you are the definitive best pick to Partner up with. Building Klout in the online community by offering pro-bono help can help to build relationships and lower the barrier to gaining trust. reputation.png

Establish yourself as a thought leader Write content, publish case studies, and just generally prove that you know what you’re talking about! Establishing yourself as a known expert at what you do lends credibility and acts as a “five-star” rating when potential customers are choosing the right fit.

Find Business Opportunities Give support to Community members who need help, building genuine relationships that may result in actual business Partnerships. Tip: Participate in relevant industry user groups. If you’ve had experience working with Healthcare companies, don’t be shy about sharing those experiences! (Be sure to anonymize companies who would rather not be named). ondemand.png
Keep your finger on the pulse Keep up to speed with what Atlassian users are discussing, debating and having issues with. Use this insider info to then inform your own training materials used during your onboarding processes.

Show off (just a little bit)! Your community efforts will not go unrewarded! Opportunities abound to rack up gamification badges, show off your certifications and get your content featured in showcases.

Now that you are well acquainted with the value of engaging with the community, visit our guidelines for how to do so as effectively as possible.

Remember: If you are an Atlassian partner and you have reviewed and agreed to these guidelines, be sure to leave a comment to request the Marketplace vendor or Solutions Partner role and permissions on the community.