TOP Vendor Approval

How can we push a little bit forward the “top vendor” approval process?
We created a request to get a Top Vendor sign on 23/03/2020, but so far didn’t get it.
The ticket
Any ideas?

Hi @AndyJames,

I’m afraid I have bad news for you as the Top Vendor program is essentially discontinued in favor of the Marketplace Partner Program since yesterday, July 1st. The most relevant difference is likely the change in requirements: you will no longer be able to participate in this program just by having a number of app installs, proper SLAs and so on. Instead, you’re now also required to have a certain number of gross sales, some of which must be coming from Cloud apps depending on the tier you’re looking at.

You can find all the details here:



Thanks Sven,

It’s more less clear, except for the “security and trust” section
If you have an Idea, where to submit CAIQ Lite questionnaire? We’ve passed the self-assessment program, but I guess it’s a bit different thing, right?


You’re right, they’re slightly different things. I think the details/steps for the CAIQ questionnaire can be found here.

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Hmm I just noticed this change. Does anyone know what happens to existing top vendor badge in app icons?

They are still displayed. Partner program means there will be new badges? Partner program page only mentions profile page:

Program tier badge in Marketplace partner profile page

Edit: top vendor badges are gone. I guess new badges will come soon?

And once again, this locks out vendors who only make Bitbucket Addons, since it’s not possible to have bitbucket cloud apps PVA. :frowning:

Minimum of one paid cloud app

All paid cloud and Data Center apps must be PVA