Total size parameter for search user groups and get group members APIs

What is changing?
We have enhance APIs to include optional response parameter totalSize to search groups, get group members by group Id and get group members by group name APIs. It will return total counts of objects before pagination is applied.

Total size parameter is retrieved if it is explicitly requested. To request total size parameter we have added new request parameter shouldReturnTotalSize.

New request parameter
- name: shouldReturnTotalSize
in: query
description: |-
Whether to include total size parameter in the results.
Note, fetching total size property is an expensive operation; use it if your use case needs this value.
type: boolean
default: false

New response parameter
type: integer
format: int64
default: 0
description: |-
This property will return total count of the objects before pagination is applied.
This value is returned if shouldReturnTotalSize is set to true.

Example for Get group members by groupId

Example for Get group members by group name

Example for Search user groups

Why is it changing?
We are trying to fill in the missing gap between API and UI components our partners are using. Our partners use the UI component Atlaskit dynamic table to display user groups and group members, but due to lack of total size parameter, they can not take full advantage of dynamic table pagination functionality.

After these changes, they can take advantage of dynamic table pagination.

Fetching total size parameter is an expensive operation, as result, we have not included this parameter in all our paginated APIs. We need to access it before making changes to other APIs.

What do I need to do?
TotalSize parameter is returned if request parameter shouldReturnTotalSize is set to true.
see the example

When will this roll out?
First we’ll roll out changes to the Confluence Cloud beta group and 10% production on Jan 19, 2022, then we will release in increment phases in production (10%, 25%, 50% and 100%). Target to 100% production Feb 3, 2022.

Please note that because of a code freeze, the documentation on DAC will not be updated until January 26th. I have included as much information as possible, including demos, here.

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