Trouble uploading self-hosted local app for On-premise user

Regarding Change notice - Changes to installation of a local app on Atlassian Cloud products. Please help with this issue that I also created a DEVHELP-3703 ticket for but haven’t received any answer.

Our production model has been allowing both OnDemand clients (with multiple servers) and OnPremise clients to host the app and upload it by themself. Since the change, they can’t install our app anymore because they accidentally installed it from the marketplace. I considered the workaround that to change the app key for other servers than the one on the marketplace, but our current clients will need to re-install it (otherwise they encounter the 401 error, probably because the app keys are mismatched).

To workaround that problem, I considered changing the app key for the server on the marketplace because I see that the server will be updated accordingly to the descriptor file.
So my question is if I change the app key in the descriptor, will the plugin send the updated app key to our server for authentication or we’ll still need to re-install it? I can’t test this out because it will affect the production.

I don’t know what will happen in your scenario but you can create as many dev instances you need from and test these scenarios by yourself.

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Hi Raimonds, thanks for letting me know about this development environment. Unfortunately, I still can’t check if the automatic descriptor update for the app key on the marketplace will make the app use the updated app key for authentication.