Unable to create webhook containing JQL with custom fields

Hi Team,

I am trying to create a webhook for my Connect App with JQL filter using custom fields. I am not completely sure if custom fields are supported in the JQL, however I am aware of other connect apps that somehow support custom fields in the JQL filter for webhooks.

Following is my request body:

    “url”: “https://6bce-2406-7400-56-1082-45c6-9320-3c20-f1aa.ngrok-free.app/api/appsync/jiraconnect/”,
    “webhooks”: [
            “jqlFilter”: “project = 10011 AND Pod = Infra”,
            “events”: [“jira:issue_created”, “jira:issue_updated”, “jira:issue_deleted”]

Here “POD” is the custom field. I also tried “jqlFilter”: “project = 10011 AND cf[10042] = Infra”,
where 10042 is my POD custom field ID.

We received the following errors:

  1. {‘webhookRegistrationResult’: [{‘errors’: [‘Clause POD is unsupported’]}]}
  2. {‘webhookRegistrationResult’: [{‘errors’: [‘Custom fields with ids: 10042 are not supported by the JQL matcher’]}]}

Any help is deeply appreciated! Thank you.

I also took a look at this question but he referred to something called an indexed entity, and I’m not sure how to check if a custom field is indexed or how to index a custom field.