Unable to hide Test Coverage section in a Ticket

Not sure if this is the correct place for this but My team and I have been struggling with this issue.

when looking at a ticket in Jira there is a section in between the “Linked Issues” and “Comments” sections called “Test Coverage” for our project we do not need this section, but when we click the “Hide Test Coverage” option nothing happens…
this section creates a large chunk of bloat we have to scroll past constantly, i cant find anything online regarding this issue so any help anyone can offer will be appreciated

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @JasonKassies,

To the extent your problem is a function of “how apps work”, this is the right community. There is an aspect of that in your question, but I would advise asking in parallel in the user community. If you haven’t asked there already, you might shift the question slightly to, “On a team, how do you deal with UI provided by apps that you don’t care about?”

From the app perspective, the standard behavior is to appear “everywhere”. To be more precise, apps declare where they want to appear in the Jira UI using specific modules. Some apps, usually driven by feedback from users like you, will take additional steps to hide themselves for certain projects or issues, usually through configuration. But the way to hide per project or issue is not provided by Atlassian; hence, it leaves developers (like this one) to figure it out for themselves.

So, I think the most practical thing you could do is figure out which Marketplace App is providing that “test coverage section” (I’m pretty confident that’s not “native” Jira UI) and ask them to implement a feature to show/hide by project. You might even get lucky and reach a vendor who has already implemented that and can tell you how to perform the necessary configuration (it will vary from app to app).

Hope that helps.


with your help we discovered the an app named ‘Xray’ was on our project and we found the settings we needed to change! thank you so much for the help!

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