Unable to update app after submission for Marketplace listing

We have summited app for marketplace listing.
Now we have updated the app with new icon on issue-panel.

We have moved the changes to production.
But when we try to update the app. It’s not updating. It just loading.

Kindly help us to proceed for our app approval.

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Did you find a solution to this? I have a similar issue.

@identifyyou and @anthonygore,

I don’t think either of you have provided quite enough information to work out the problem in general. Maybe look at the guidance about:

Or consider opening a support ticket, with your app details:

Now that I read it again I realize my question might not be the same as OPs.

My situation is:

  • I’ve deployed an app to production
  • I’ve submitted this app for review for the marketplace (a day ago)
  • I’ve since discovered a bug and fixed it and deployed to production again

My question is: is it possible to update an app once it’s been submitted for review?

Hi @anthonygore

Yes, it is possible.

You only need to run forge deploy -e production from your project root which has the latest changes for your app.

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Great, thanks!

I wasn’t sure because the marketplace page says " This app is pending by Atlassian and cannot be edited."