Unauthorized; scope does not match -Scopes changed?

Hello everyone,

Since February 28th we get the message “Unauthorized; scope does not match” when we want to create a task.

Has there been an update to the scopes? The last update of our Jira app was at the beginning of January, so it looks like something has changed on the Jira side.

We call the route /rest/api/3/issue with POST in a Forge app to create an issue.

The call comes via the webtrigger function. We use an api.asApp() there.

The scopes contain both write:jira-work and write:issue:jira.

What can we do?

Hello @StefanWienstrer ,

This can actually be related to the deprecation of Lenient URL path processing for OAuth 2.0 requests that we started rolling out on the 26th of February.

Due to this change OAuth 2.0-authenticated requests with URIs such as these will no longer return successful responses from Jira:




For more details please see:

Can you please check if this is the case or provide more details about the issue you are facing?


That was actually the cause. Thank you very much!

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