Unifying search experience in Jira - replacing Advanced Search

What’s changing?

Towards the second half of 2021, a new issue navigator will replace Advanced search. With this new issue navigator, the apps that:

  • are displayed as icons in Advanced search will be moved to a new apps menu
  • are in the Export menu, will stay in the Export menu




Why is it changing?

Advanced search is one of the key experiences in Jira and we want to:

  • create a unified search experience in Jira on project and instance levels - to minimise confusion between different experiences for our customers
  • build a faster and more scalable experience for our customers
  • shift to a modernised tech stack to help build new features faster

What do I need to do?

  1. Sign up for our testing program. When we are ready we will notify you and enable the new issue navigator, which will replace advanced search in your test instance.
  2. Start testing your app in the new issue navigator, if you encounter any issues please report them.
  3. Complete the testing by July 2021

Hi there,

We want to thank all apps that signed up for testing the unified search experience in Jira. This update is to let you know that we have enabled the new search experience for the instance(s) you specified in your requests.

There are still a lot of things that need to be built and bugs that need to be fixed. Here are some key items we have identified:

  • Search across multiple projects may be very slow
  • Apps are not expected to work in the project issue navigator
  • We are only supporting the /issues/ route of advanced search for testing (NOTE the trailing slash). To access the new experience, specify the URL parameter new=true
  • Changing saved filters is currently not supported
  • Saved filters currently don’t show the underlying JQL. i.e. Instead of querying by filterId={$filterID}, we are querying by jql='filter=${filterId}'

Hi there,

Thank you for signing up for testing the unified search experience in Jira. The testing is now completed and we will be turning off the new search experience until release.
Please feel free to let us know if you need to have it on for further testing.

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