March Community Welcome and Updates

:spiral_calendar: New month, new problems to solve, and new ideas to try out! :rocket: Going forward, we’re going to put together a monthly update (you’re reading this month’s) to highlight all the :fire: , :hot_pepper: , and :sparkles: that has happened in the community over the past month.

Welcome New Community Members! :champagne:

Firstly, a huge, warm welcome to all the new folks :hugs: . We’ve had 341 new developers join us since February 1! Tons of new faces building on the Atlassian platform. If you’re new, feel free to reply to this topic and introduce yourself. We’d love to hear about who you are what you’re working on.

Secondly, let’s give some love to the movers and shakers on here…

Top Contributors :gem:

CDAC is only as good as the folks posting new topics and answering questions. So let us take a second to recognize :raised_hands: the individuals on here helping answer questions and contributing to conversations.

The following folks were the top first repliers :tophat: last month: @sven.schatter, @clouless, @candid, @danielwester, @dennis.fischer, @steve.behnke

And we want to give a nod to those Atlassians who hopped on and partook in conversations. Shout out to the following top topic first repliers from Atlassian: @kchan, @KamilKozlowski, @rmassaioli, @kkercz, @nhur

And a nod to the Developer Experience team members doing the same: @dmorrow @Andrew_Golokha, @ibuchanan, @rwhitbeck, @nmansilla

Top Topics :face_with_monocle:

And now for the :hot_pepper: and :sparkles:. We’ve had over 250 topics posted in February. A lot of good things to read. Here are some of the most viewed topics and most liked posts from February.

Most Viewed Topics

Most Liked Posts and Replies

Upcoming Events :speaking_head:

Finally, if you’re looking for a chance to meet other developers and Atlassians, we have a number of events coming up you can check out.


I like the summary and all the effort you put into it :slight_smile: :100: :tada: great job! :slight_smile:


Love this! Thanks @bcook!

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