Atlassian EAP overload

Hey Atlassian,
I really appreciate the EAPs that you’re giving us access to. They’re awesome - so please don’t stop. BUT… As a partner - it’s next to impossible to keep up.

Can we please get a standardized way for them to be announced and for us to sign up for them?

If we can also get a list of what EAPs we’re enrolled for and where - that would be awesome as well.




I have a slightly different take on this. I find all these EAPs cumbersome and confusing.

As a cloud vendor I want to know two things.

a) what is changing
b) when it is changing

a) can be addressed with proper documentation and transparent changelog.
b) can be addressed even more easily

I understand there can be things that need be tested ahead of time and of course there will be bugs - we are writing software after all.

But EAPs are not a guarantee that things won’t break and they don’t replace proper change documentation and rollout planning


I like EAPs for being able to try things and provide feedback. We can’t give all EAPs the same attention, but the ones that look to affect us most we do make the time for. We feel the pain trying to keep up.

I’ve suggested a dashboard where we can opt-into EAPs via feature flags. What we need is the ability to opt in and out of EAPs for any instance that a marketplace vendor manages. For this to work we need to be able to self-manage the flags and have enough information to be able to make informed/calculated decisions about opting in.

Actually, if I’m being greedy I’d like a single place to go that summarises all Atlassian mandated programs that are currently active (such as security, DC readiness, data residency) and up coming initiatives. This would also have a calendar of important dates/events/releases so that we can see when things are due and where our efforts would be best placed.



I also opt-in for such dashboard, also consistency with maven version as required in Using the EAP feeds to automatically test my app would be nice.

I was also lost in world of atlassian product versions, so I’ve developed script to collect this stuff - it is available as JSON or HTML

Structure contains current, EAP (also in maven version from artifactory), LTS, LTS-1 for products I am interested, and reports me and my associates by email of any changes in (simple diff),



As a starting point, we’ve been working on rolling out new way for EAPs to be run internally by teams. We’re leaning into using the Developer Community (where we are) as the go-to tool. There is a new category for EAPs: Early Access Programs - The Atlassian Developer Community Each EAP you are enrolled in (moving forward) will have a sub-category in this category that is locked down to just the EAP participants. This enables Atlassians running the EAP to make broad announcements via topics and you, as an EAP participant, can post questions and start discussions as new topics in the sub-category.

We’re working on this too but haven’t formalized anything. It is a tad bit trickier because there are some EAPs that go out to all Marketplace Partners, some that go out to all developers, and undoubtedly some that go out to a willy-nilly mix of people. We’re hoping to nail down an approach to standardize communications between Atlassian and the developer community for all types of EAPs.


Not the exact ask, but thinking more on a solution for “we want a single place to see EAPs that we could sign up for” and how we can standardize this…

We do use the eap tag when new EAPs are announced: Topics tagged eap.

If that list doesn’t suffice, could we use tags to better slice and dice? Maybe eap-cloud for Cloud EAPs? Thoughts?